Pastor Faints in Church: Hearing God Series - Part 4

Should I allow the program to continue, we had spent millions already or should I stop the program right now.

Oh God help me ...

I stepped outside the toilet, I looked into my office and I saw so many strange things in my office.
This is the first time I am seeing things clearly spiritually.

Written By Femi Oluyamoju

I have been a pastor for 8 years, I actually went to Bible college of our church and I passed with first class.

I have been zealous for God and I copy everything good I see from my father's in faith, but I was never taught that I could see very clearly in the spirit.

I thought that only special anointed men of God were permitted to see, I thought I could only see via my dreams, but right here and now, I could see things that had been in my office all this while.
Pastor Faints in Church: Hearing God Series - Part 4
Pastor Faints in Church: Hearing God Series - Part 4
There is a standing golden clock, that was given to me by one of my occultist friends, during my birthday. It looks so beautiful that I placed it beside my table in the office. For the first time, I noticed it has a big eye. It was a monitoring clock, it was being used to see things happening in my office.

Oh my God!!!!

Being a blind Christian is very dangerous but being a blind leader in the church is a disaster.

My attention was drawn to an award given to me 5 years ago. A community award for our church's contribution to the community. I could see spiritually that it has an ear.

I placed it on my table, as a thing of pride not knowing that it was being used to listen to my private discussions.

Now I can hear strange discussions in my office. I followed the voices and I discovered there were 3 personalities sitting on my chair in the office.

One was dressed is multicoloured attire, he had a chain on his neck with a bold emblem of letter P.
The second one had a head filled with dark smoke. He had a chain on his neck with a bold emblem of the letter A.

While the third was a female, she had a chain on her neck with a bold emblem of the letter M.

They were arguing?
He can see us!

No, he can't see us now, he has been blind since the day he lost his virginity in primary 5.
If he can't see us, why is he looking at this side strangely?
Ahhhh, he can see us, don't you see the scale is removed from his eyes?

Oh yes, there is no scale on his ears also.
He should be able to hear us too.

They stood up from my chair and said "hi". Waving at me.
Instinctively and bemused by what was happening, I replied "Hi."

They rushed to the corner of my office screaming... He can see, He can hear, we are finished.
Ahhhhh you mean such things were happening around me, and I didn't know?

A deaf Christian is in trouble. A deaf Christian leader is worse than a pandemic.
I faced the three personalities and asked them.

How can you be sitting on the seat of a pastor inside the church and you are not afraid?

One answered me, "don't you know that if you are outside the will of God, you must be inside the will of Satan?"

"It's been a while that God had left you, and where God is absent, we are present"


I raised my voice and shouted, "I bind you in Jesus name."
They laughed at me. One replied, "Oga stop binding don't waste your binding."

The other replied "See this fine boy pastor, isn't it written in your Bible that you must submit to God before you can resist the devil? Have you submitted to God? Are you not doing things your way? When last did you ask God for direction before taking steps?"

The third one spoke, "isn't it written in your Bible that Christians who are friends with the world system are the enemies of God? Are you not worldly? What is the difference between you and the world celebrities? Do you even know the Bible? Is it not the fine Bible verses that you know, the tough Bible verses you stylishly avoid? Irresponsible pastor raising irresponsible congregation, teacher of grace"
They all shouted back at me. "We bind you by the authority of the Bible verses you disobeyed"
I suddenly felt so tired and I fell down. I fainted again.

This time I saw myself at the throne of Mercy, but this time, it was a court session.
Mercy was seated on the throne.

I was in the accused box, in chains
Those three personalities were at the witness box against me.

Mr Death was the prison warden at my back. He had a tag on his garment, "A senior staff of Hell"
A very handsome, sweet spoken, smooth and melodious voiced fellow was standing before Mercy. He is the head of the prosecution team.
I know him the same instant I saw him. He is the accuser of brethren, the fallen choirmaster in heaven. He is Lucifer.

Lucifer said: Oh Lord my God, the one who is gracious and merciful, the only true God, I worship.
Lucifer went flat before Jesus rolling to the right and to the left in worship.

Mehn..... This guy worships Jesus better than I have ever done.

Lucifer continued: According to your everlasting word, you said in Isaiah that your word will not return void, but it must accomplish that which you sent it. You said the soul that sins must die. We all know there is no repentance in the grave. This Jude had sinned and he must die. Please let him die...

MERCY replied him in a voice that sounded like many cool waters: Yes Lucifer, my words don't return to me void. I once showed the man mercy, he is yet to enjoy that mercy on earth. That mercy cancels death. He is not dying today.

The whole court stood up and bowed to the ground saying "As the Lord pleases"
Mr Death was taken away from my back and another demon took his place.
Lucifer again worshipped MERCY then said: My Lord JESUS...

As he mentioned the name of JESUS, all the kneels bow and everyone said.... JESUS IS LORD.....
Lucifer continued.... You are a just judge... You promised to listen to us when we use your name. I have just called your name, listen to my next case.

MERCY replied: Yes I said that and I honour my word. Present your next case against him.

Lucifer worshipped again then said... I agree with my Creator and my master that we can't kill him now, but we want to bind him and his destiny by the authority of the Bible verses he disobeyed.

My Lord I have three witnesses to present, May I, my Worship?
MERCY signalled to Lucifer to go-ahead


I burst into tears, I can't end like this.
On earth, in the church, I had fainted again in the church office and the congregation were busy dancings in a musical concert where God was absent.

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