Digital Strategy

A Digital Strategy is more than just a good website, Facebook ad, or video. It is about how all of these elements work together to help your organization tell its story. 

The big brands know this. Oudney Patsika uses these same digital strategies to help you tell your story and grow your influence.

1. Content Marketing: Content marketing is one of the most important parts of a digital strategy – and one of the things our team loves most! We can work with your organization’s staff to create highly engaging, creative, useful content that your target market loves. Then, we get it in front of them.
Digital Strategy

As Oudney Patsika and Oudney's Studios, we tightly integrate our content marketing efforts with social media marketing (both organic and paid advertising) and SEO. Content is one of the biggest opportunities the digital space has to offer. We will help you take advantage of it.

2. Social Media: We see so much potential for churches and faith-based organizations in the realm of social media. In 2019, social is where people’s attention is — so we go there to engage them.

If your organization has tried social and is not seeing results, we have good news. Social media is not the problem; your strategy simply needs to be adjusted. In 2019, organizations need a robust social media engagement strategy that covers both organic and paid content. This is what will get you results. We can help you get there.

Welcome To Oudney Patsika's Blog: Getting Your Message Heard in a Noisy World: In today’s media-driven, distracted culture, your message must be amplified to reach a larger audience.

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One of the primary goals of Oudney Patsika is to use media to change the cultural narrative. He aims to impact today’s culture with more accurate, responsible, and positive media stories about Christianity and the Church. Get In Touch Today!
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