Our Approach

You have a story that needs to be told. An audience to reach, and a mission to accomplish. We are here to help.

We are a collection of experienced professionals with deep expertise in media production, consulting, and communications strategy. This combined approach allows us to understand your goals and provide the best tools to accomplish them.

Whether it is defining your brand and identity, developing a strategy for making an impact in today’s culture, investing in your team to get to the next level, or creating media to tell that story, we’ve got your back.

We specialize in telling stories that inspire faith, confronts social issues, and stirs people’s hearts.

We will help you make the kind of impact that can change people’s lives and move your audience to action.
How We Help (Solutions)
We have built a lot of websites for nonprofits over the years. Along the way we have learned what works when it comes to building a great nonprofit site (as well as our fair share of what does not work quite so well).

Rooted in our values, our web design process will help you build a website along with the confidence and skills you need to get the most out of your investment in the long term.

Finding a Partner: We do not believe in the traditional, one-size-fits-all sales process. Our team spends more time asking about your needs and offering up tips we have seen work well for nonprofits in the past. From the outset, we will work with you to make sure our approach is a good fit for your nonprofit by talking through your goals, giving you a tour of our website platform, and answering questions.
Our Approach
Explore Our Web Design Process: We have been working with nonprofits for a while. If you are anything like most organizations, you have plenty of things on your plate outside of building your new site. While building a website will undoubtedly take a good deal of your time and attention, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

When you officially sign up as a client, here is what you can expect from each phase of Oudney Patsika and Oudney's Studios’s web design process. 

Kickoff the Relationship

Meet Your Newest Supporter: Confirm your design, features and technical details with a dedicated Project Manager.

Send Account Information: Set up and share access to services that you’d like to integrate, like a payment processor or email marketing service.

Select a Structure: Choose a website structure from our examples that best fits your nonprofit. We will work with you to customize it to be unique to your mission!

Get to Know Your New Website

Strategy Session: Jump on the phone for a consultation on your site structure, including page names and navigation.

Website Creation: Our team will build and customize your new website with your chosen integrations and page structure.

Boost Your Skills: Explore your new site and schedule a Q&A session with your Project Manager.

Use Content To Make Your Mission Shine

Write Text: You will create the text for each page using our website content guides as needed.

Select Images: Choose visuals from your own sources or by accessing our stock photo library. (Most of them aren’t cheesy, and all of them are free to all clients.)

Load and Format: Add all of the content to your website, reaching out to us for support whenever you need it.

Share Your Site With the World

Review Feedback: Get a content and design review from our team with recommendations to enhance your website and drive your visitors to take meaningful action to support your cause.

Finalize: Make any final changes you would like to have in place for launch.

Prepare: We will take care of redirects, set up Google Analytics and do a final check on your features and settings.
Our Approach

Launch! Schedule your desired launch date and go live for the world to see.

Rest Easy With Support and Maintenance

Proactive Monitoring: We manage hosting and security so that you don’t have to. And if anything ever goes awry, you know who to call.

Regular Security and Performance Updates: We will take care of updating your site’s underlying technology so you have current software that’s quick and secure.

First Access to New Features: You will automatically have access to new features and upgrades as they’re released.

Ongoing Tech Support: Get as much tech support as you need to make sure you know how to effectively manage your site.

Your Nonprofit’s Marketing Partner: At no additional charge, get advice from our team on how to get more from your website and online marketing through our Marketing Program.

We generally recommend allotting 6-8 weeks to complete the phases from kickoff to launch, depending on the time you’ll need to prepare and finalize your content. That said, we can often work with you to customize this web design process to meet your deadline. Just let us know what sort of timeline you’re working with and we can recommend the best way to make it happen!

Let Us Discuss Your Project!

Have questions or want to learn more about making a website using our platform? Get in touch today! We look forward to learning more about your nonprofit’s goals and seeing if our platform may be a good fit.
Our Approach

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