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Oudney Patsika (Digital Media Strategist)

In the digital age, media is one of the most effective tools globally to introduce people to Jesus Christ. That is why it is essential to develop a network of support and training through media for mission causes. CRAIG MARTIN – MANAGING DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS FOR IMB IN THE US AND LATIN AMERICA.

Getting Your Message Heard in a Noisy World: In today’s media-driven, distracted culture, your message must be amplified to reach a larger audience.

Oudney Patsika has developed a remarkable team of experts that can help deliver your groundbreaking ideas to the world. Through communication strategies, video, web development and design, social media, book publishing, church media, broadcast television, and movies, his goal is to inspire your followers and audience to act.
Oudney Patsika (Digital Age Strategist)

His Vision: To change the perception of Christianity in today’s media-driven culture. To make that happen, Oudney Patsika has been mobilizing a powerful strategy to share this story with the national media, train a new generation of pastors and leaders, and create a pathway for Christian influence in entertainment and media.

One major media CEO told me, “For us, 'angry Christian' is the only kind we know. That's why a person of influence in media filled with the love of Christ is the single most revolutionary ingredient in changing culture. – DR. LARRY POLAND, FOUNDER AND CEO, MASTERMEDIA INTERNATIONAL.

The Strategy:

1. Redefining Global Mission Strategy in Today’s Digital Age: Through partnerships with Christian media organizations around the world, as well as international broadcast media platforms, Oudney Patsika's passion is to create a global network for training the next generation of Christian media professionals - Influencing The World!

2. Impacting Culture By Changing The Way We Tell Our Story: One of the primary goals of  Oudney Patsika is to use media to change the cultural narrative. He aims to impact today’s culture with more accurate, responsible, and positive media stories about Christianity and the Church. 
Oudney Patsika (Digital Age Strategist)
Oudney Patsika creates public relations and publicity opportunities for Christian issues and causes. He aims to also create professional pathways for Christian influence in entertainment and media. 

Oudney Patsika is challenging high-level Christians already in the industry to think critically about integrating their faith into their work. Plus, he is assisting Christian ministry organizations already making a difference in the industry. 

Influence Women: Through our “Influence Women” initiative, our goal is to motivate and train professional women to excel in the media and entertainment industries.
Washington DC is the seat of power, but Hollywood is the seat of influence. The only way to have a spiritual impact on Hollywood is to change it from the inside out.
Karen Covell – Founder of Hollywood Prayer Network.

The Media Need:

1. Entertainment: Hollywood is the most influential city on earth, and yet Christians are terribly underrepresented in that industry. Oudney Patsika is working to create a roadmap to help talented writers, actors, producers, directors, and others carve a foothold in the entertainment industry.

2. Media Relations: Who is telling the story of the Christian faith in the mainstream media? Oudney Patsika aims to make the connections, building the relationships, and showing the world accurate and timely stories of how Christians are positively impacting today’s culture.
Oudney Patsika (Digital Age Strategist)

3. Social Media: Social media has become the number one activity on the web. Facebook alone, with more than 1 Billion users is by population the 3rd largest country in the world. So who is planting churches in that country? Who’s sending “media missionaries” to that country?

4. Media Production: In a visual culture, sharing our story through digital media is essential. Oudney Patsika has the goal to train and send out thousands of producers, directors, camera operators, video editors, and others to help shape powerful and compelling stories of transformed lives.

5. Media Training: We live in a media-driven culture, and that is why Oudney Patsika desires to coordinate seminars and conferences around the world to train a new generation of pastors and leaders who understand how to share their story through media.

Long gone are the days of using the Yellow Pages or the Church Directory from the newspaper. Today people use Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines. If your church does not have a website, or if it looks like it was assembled with wheat straw and baling wire, you may lose guests before they ever step foot on your campus. Ed Stetzer – President of Lifeway Research
Oudney Patsika (Digital Age Strategist)

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