If You Have A Powerful Message or Story That Could Influence The World, Media Producer, Consultant, and Author Oudney Patsika Will Teach You What You Need To Know About Creativity, Communication, Media, Culture, and The Faith To Make It Happen.

Online Solutions Coach

I am the man that solves ONLINE and OFFLINE problems for busy business owners!

I specialize in helping small business owners to achieve the maximum success online by leveraging their website, social media, email marketing, lists and more.
  • Have trouble hiring a 100% professional, reliable, efficient and speedy assistant?
  • Need to free up your valuable time to concentrate on your core business?
  • Tired of wasting precious time training new or temporary staff?
  • Ready to move forward, but don’t know where to start?

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions? If YES, you need me!
  • Neutral 3rd Party to Evaluate, Analyze, Consult and Improve Processess
  • Get Technical and Administrative Support when you need it.
  • Project Manager to Oversee, Supervise and Implement Process Improvement
  • Save time, money, office space, payroll taxes, benefits and more.

Who needs this my Online solutions services? Clients who don’t know where to start!

I partner with my clients to help them increase their online awareness to increase their offline revenue! Below is a short list of some of the solutions I provide for clients.

  • Type Letters, Emails, Documents, Newsletters, Press Releases
  • Edit, Proof and Format eBooks
  • Create Presentations, Spreadsheets, Charts, Access Database
  • Manage Contact Database

Content Creation, Blogging & Website
  • Create, Format and Broadcast Newsletter Content
  • Blogging (Write Articles, Post on Website, Approve Comments)
  • Minor Website Maintenance (Upload Photos, Add Services, Maintain Existing Pages)

Social Media
  • Develop Social Media Plan and Strategy
  • Create Social Media Profiles and Business Pages
  • Social Media Training on Usage

Additional Specialities
  • Serving Authors in Book Launch Campaigns
  • Project Management for Online Re-Branding Efforts
  • Trouble Shooting Technical Problems
  • Any Other Techy-Geekie Task You Need Completed
Don’t know what you need, but know you need help? Email me for a quick conversation. Already know what you need? That is great too. I can help, and if I can’t – I’ll connect you to someone who can.

When I am not solving the world’s problems. I am providing social media coaching and social media maintenance services.

In the digital age, media is one of the most effective tools globally to introduce people to Jesus Christ.
That is why it is essential to develop a network of support and training through media for mission causes.




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