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Online Solutions Coach

I am the man that solves ONLINE and OFFLINE problems for busy business owners!

I specialize in helping small business owners to achieve the maximum success online by leveraging their website, social media, email marketing, lists and more.
  • Have trouble hiring a 100% professional, reliable, efficient and speedy assistant?
  • Need to free up your valuable time to concentrate on your core business?
  • Tired of wasting precious time training new or temporary staff?
  • Ready to move forward, but don’t know where to start?

Did you answer “yes” to any of these questions? If YES, you need me!
  • Neutral 3rd Party to Evaluate, Analyze, Consult and Improve Processess
  • Get Technical and Administrative Support when you need it.
  • Project Manager to Oversee, Supervise and Implement Process Improvement
  • Save time, money, office space, payroll taxes, benefits and more.

Who needs this my Online solutions services? Clients who don’t know where to start!

I partner with my clients to help them increase their online awareness to increase their offline revenue! Below is a short list of some of the solutions I provide for clients.

  • Type Letters, Emails, Documents, Newsletters, Press Releases
  • Edit, Proof and Format eBooks
  • Create Presentations, Spreadsheets, Charts, Access Database
  • Manage Contact Database

Content Creation, Blogging & Website
  • Create, Format and Broadcast Newsletter Content
  • Blogging (Write Articles, Post on Website, Approve Comments)
  • Minor Website Maintenance (Upload Photos, Add Services, Maintain Existing Pages)

Social Media
  • Develop Social Media Plan and Strategy
  • Create Social Media Profiles and Business Pages
  • Social Media Training on Usage

Additional Specialities
  • Serving Authors in Book Launch Campaigns
  • Project Management for Online Re-Branding Efforts
  • Trouble Shooting Technical Problems
  • Any Other Techy-Geekie Task You Need Completed
Don’t know what you need, but know you need help? Email me for a quick conversation. Already know what you need? That is great too. I can help, and if I can’t – I’ll connect you to someone who can.

When I am not solving the world’s problems. I am providing social media coaching and social media maintenance services.
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