Pastor Faints in Church: Hearing God Series - Part 7

This story is a compilation of actual experiences and encounters with Jesus Christ, converted into a readable story.

As soon as the others left, the assistant pastor burst into tongues ... I didn't know when I shouted "Oga stop abeg" (meaning "man please stop")

They both looked at me surprised at my outburst.


God, please grant me wisdom.

I heard the Holy Spirit clearly telling me to shut up and look up.

I looked up and see a newborn baby floating on the ceiling, the baby was desperately looking for help. As soon as the baby saw that I could see her, she beckoned that I should please follow her.

Written By Femi Oluyamoju

I told my wife and my assistant to follow me. They both were bemused, they exchanged a secret look then followed me.

I noticed my wife was timid and my heart broke. I must have been so tough on her.

Oh God please help me to correct my mistakes.

At that little prayer, I heard the Holy Spirit telling me to hold the hand of my wife as we walk out of my hospital room.

I obeyed and held her hand. She was surprised but quietly followed me.
Pastor Faints in Church: Hearing God Series - Part 7
Pastor Faints in Church: Hearing God Series - Part 7
The assistant pastor averted his gaze.

I kept following the baby till we got to a door marked, THEATRE.

The baby entered and I followed still holding my wife.

We burst into a commotion scene, doctors confused, nurses, running everywhere. They were trying to resuscitate the woman who just delivered a dead baby.

The birth was still born, so they had thrown the baby carelessly into the bin by the wall. All attention was on the women.

The baby I was following led me to the bin and waited by the bin.

I heard the Holy Spirit telling me to decree that the baby should come alive.

At this time, the nurses had come to chase us out of the theatre.

I shouted at the top of my voice, being made confident by what I saw and what the Holy Spirit told me. DEBORAH COME BACK IN JESUS NAME. I didn't know how I knew the baby should be called Deborah.

The baby sneezed and started wailing ...
The dying mother sneezed and started crying....

The doctors almost jumped out of their skin and they started talking rubbish in their confusion.
The nurses ran out of the theatre.

My wife let go of my hand and crouched on the floor crying ...

My assistant pastor ran out of the door.

In the midst of the whole confusion, the Holy Spirit (my new companion) was telling me that the name of the woman is also Deborah, and she was told by God to name her baby Deborah.

God led her to this hospital for her antenatal. She wanted to go to the United States for her delivery, but God told her to use the closest hospital to our church.

This woman went for a scan three days ago and her baby was pronounced dead.

She was scheduled for an immediate operation but God told her to tell the doctors to schedule the operation 3 days later.

God told her that He didn't give her a name for a dead child, but the vessel God wanted to use isn't ready but will be ready in 3 days time.

Her husband and family members had made jest of her for waiting on God and staying in Nigeria for her delivery.

She remained Christly stubborn. She actually came to the hospital with her baby things.

She told her husband, "God told me that my baby is Deborah and I shall be known as Deborah's mum."
So God, the perfect arranger, the way maker, the best match maker, ensured I was discovered fainted in the office by my wife so that I can be taken to the hospital where this child of God will be battling with the spirit of death, both for herself and for her baby.

In the midst of the commotion, I had peace because I could hear from the Holy Spirit and I could see into the supernatural.

Can I pause here to pray for my readers, may every scale that blocks your Spiritual eyes and ears be removed by Mercy in Jesus name. Amen.

After the whole commotion ended, everyone agreed that I don't need to be admitted at the hospital again.
Became I haven't heard from the Holy Spirit that I should leave my wife's hand, I held on to it tightly. My wife was quiet now.

The assistant pastor was nowhere to be found.

I had a little talk with my ministers and sent them back to church so they could attend to all our invited guests.

Despite the fact that a lot of dignitaries were waiting for me in the church, I decided to go home with my wife.

For the first time in many years, I wasn't eager to go to church. My eyes are opened. The structure isn't what makes the church a church but the Spirit of God.

No wonder Jesus said, where two or three are gathered in His name, He will be there.

The over 50,000 persons who gathered for our concert came because some wanted to dance, some were bored and needed a place to go. Some missed their club gig and decided to replace it with a church gig. Many came because of the artist we invited. We organised it so as to make history and make a name for ourselves. Jesus was absent.

When I got home, I didn't leave the hands of my wife. I kept on holding it till we got to the bedroom.
I wanted to talk but the Holy Spirit still asked me to shut up.

So we both sat on the bed, starring into the ceiling.
It was so awkward.
The silence was so deafening.
But I kept holding her hands.
The Holy Spirit was quiet.
My spiritual eyes saw nothing.

I really have a lot to say but the Holy Spirit, my new personal teacher had told me to shut up.

Then her phone rang.
It was a call from the assistant pastor.

She used her free hand to pick the call and she put the call on speaker.

"My love, what is happening to your husband, I don't understand what is happening, I am confused here," he said, not knowing that the phone was on speaker.

My wife burst into tears. Not minding the blabbing of the caller, she knelt before me and said " My husband I need to confess."

That same moment the Holy Spirit spoke "Be still and know that I am God. I am more than enough to take charge of any situation in your life. Learn to wait on me."

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