Pastor Faints in Church: Hearing God Series - Part 9 (Final Part)

After my encounter, I discovered that there are two ways to run a church and that there are two ways to run any ministry that God has called you into.

The popular way or the Jesus way.

I discovered that the popular way is the way every other person tend to run ministry without taking into consideration the instruction of Jesus who founded Christianity.

So we have a new kind of religion that looks like Christianity but is designed to please the people rather than obey God.

The second way is the way of the Holy Spirit, where all decisions and all activities must first be signed off by the Holy Spirit before you take any step or do anything.

Written By Femi Oluyamoju

I discovered that this way is tough and it's not easy and it is naturally against my human instinct.

I learnt that for me to appropriately have a ministry that will please God, I have to die to my own thinking, my own desires and submit a hundred percent to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This was tough.

This was not only tough for me and my wife, but it was tough for our church members because they have been used to the human way of running a ministry.

The common phrase that was now used to describe me was that, I had gone crazy. Some others said that when I fainted my head must have hit the ground and now I am a lunatic.

But the more they call me crazy, the more they called me abnormal, the more the Holy Spirit congratulated me for obeying him.

I discovered that to please the Holy Spirit in this world of ours, you will be hated and despised by those who don't have time to follow or listen to the Holy Spirit.

This is where my problem began.

MESSAGES: Before now I used to listen to other people's messages and use it to prepare my own message or I read Christian literature to prepare my own messages.

After my encounter, when the Holy Spirit became my personal teacher, I had to go back to read the Bible and understand the message.

I must practice the message in my own life before I am permitted to preach it on the altar.

It is now done as I do, not do as I say.

The Holy Spirit told me that He is not gathering people to church in order to entertain them because when we die we will have the best entertainment in heaven. He told me that the only reason why He has gathered people to church is to help them to pass their test and make it to heaven and that any other thing we do that does not add value to members getting to heaven is a total waste of time.

So my messages changed from prosperity, blessing and Grace to holiness, righteousness and heaven and my pastor colleagues didn't like it so I was no longer invited to preach in their churches.

MONEY: There is a man that used to sow seeds into my life regularly in tens of millions. After my encounter, he brought his seed again and the Holy Spirit told me not to collect it.

As soon as I told him that the Holy Spirit told me not to collect it, he laughed and said finally your eyes are opened.

Actually, the Holy Spirit told me later that anytime I collect the seed of this man, my marriage suffers because the seed is coming from the hand of an unrepentant wife beater.

After this encounter, I set up a committee in the church to investigate everyone that is bringing sizeable payments into the church.

A lot of the heavy financiers didn't want the source of their money investigated so they stopped paying money into our church and this got me queries from the headquarters.

MY LIFE OF LUXURY: My parish is the most successful parish in our denomination so I enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. I had state of the art cars and a private jet.

The Holy Spirit told me that I do not have a house in heaven because I have enjoyed beyond what I should enjoy on earth.

Rather than having a house in heaven, I am indebted to heaven. I have withheld more than I should have.

God told me that, I must first pay my debt for the monies I shouldn't have spent but I have lavished on my lust for a lush lifestyle.

So I sold my private jet, I sold all my cars and I sold my house to move to a modest environment with modest cars. I set up secret accounts to take care of the poor and the needy in our church and in the environment.

Every time a financial breakthrough comes my way, I take only what I need to live and give out the rest to help those around me.

Every time I do this, the only spirit shows me my house in heaven, it is currently being built.

The less I use on earth and the more I give out to those in need around me the more my house is being constructed in heaven.

SEEDS: Before my encounter, on a monthly basis, I sent very fat seeds to specific men of God so that I can be in their good books especially our general overseer. I wasn't giving to God, I was giving to men

After my Encounter I was no longer in charge of my finances, rather than allow me to sow as I used to do in the past, the Holy Spirit started sending me to various unknown persons.

Anytime He sends me to sow and I obey him, that night my mansion in heaven will be shown to me as more construction is taking place.

Every time I disobey him my mansion is shown in heaven being reduced by my level of disobedience.

THE CHURCH: After my counter, I removed all the funny items in the pastor's office and prayerfully replaced them with simple furniture. I broke down all the special privileges being given to me as the pastor and started sitting with the congregation without any special seat.

I cancelled all the titles that were given to me.

MY SACK: Three months later, I got a call from the headquarters to come for an urgent meeting.

As I sat down at the meeting the Holy Spirit told me that I will be sacked that day and that I should get ready. I should not have had any argument with anyone.

My spiritual eyes could see secrets about those sitting on the panel.

The chairman of the panel, the general overseer, started the church because God called him but the love of money has blinded him and he was really angry because the income of our church has gone down due to the fact that we now interview people before they can donate to the church.

The vice-chairman of the panel is an old pastor who is also a grand member of the ogboni fraternity. His mission in the church is to water down the doctrine so that it will be easier for his fellow members to become pastors, leaders and eventually take over the church. He saw me as a threat and about to take me down.

They levelled so many accusations against me and just like Jesus did, I said no word.

That day I was sacked as a pastor and excommunicated from the church for deciding to follow the teachings of Jesus rather than play normal general church.

A NEW CHURCH: God touched a brother in India to come to Nigeria. God gave him my address. When he got to my house, he told me that God said, He will reject him unless he comes to meet me. He is a well-accomplished construction engineer.

A billionaire was preparing to die. God told him that his home in heaven will only be completed if he builds an auditorium for Him. So he bought land and built a church.

He equipped it according to instructions from God. He never met me. A day before he died, as directed by God, he signed the documents transferring the auditorium to bro Jude Jones. A name he saw in his dreams.

I was driving one day, I saw two men drenched in rain, the Holy Spirit asked me to give them a lift.

As the men entered the car, they started shouting "praise God, God is good"

They asked me to park, they got down in the rain and started dancing.

I asked what happened, they told me, God told them to come and wait at the junction, that the bro Jude Jones will pass and carry them.

I told them yes, I am he ...

They handed over to me, the documents to the church the billionaire built.

The engineer from India helped us to construct the road to the church, he used his construction company based in Nigeria.

Even before we started services, God would go to people's dreams, show them our church and tell them to begin to worship with us. We didn't do any advert.

The day we started services, I only went with my wife to spend time alone with God in the auditorium. I got to church and saw people waiting outside.

I asked them what they came for, they said God told them to come. We had no choice but start service that day.

MY MARRIAGE: My wife and I have become close friends. If I do not treat my wife well, the Holy Spirit won't talk to me. God didn't give us our own biological children but we have a house full of children.
Pastor Faints in Church: Hearing God Series - Part 9 (Final Part)
Pastor Faints in Church: Hearing God Series - Part 9 (Final Part)
CONCLUSION: Today I go from place to place teaching the gospel of Jesus reconciling souls back to their creator and helping everyone that comes my way.

The last time the Holy Spirit showed me my house in heaven it has been completed. The house is actually bigger than a continent on earth.

I lost friends and families along the way but I gained GOD as a friend and HE is waiting for me eagerly to reward me for all I have lost after my encounter with him.

I am now eagerly waiting for the day I will die and leave this sinful world to meet with my saviour.

There is nothing you could give me in this world that could make me satisfied, my focus is my mansion in heaven and grand welcome from my Lord Jesus.

I am eagerly waiting to defeat the devil in the court of my saviour because this time around I am not led by flesh or worldliness, the Holy Spirit who is wiser than the devil is the one in charge of the affairs of my life.

Hopefully, you have learnt one or two lessons from my own experience and hopefully, you will decide to also stop playing general Christianity. Give God a chance to encounter you and submit to the directorship of the Holy Spirit

I hope that by my story, you can take away your focus from the things available on earth. I hope you will begin to work on your mansion in heaven so we can meet together at the feet of Jesus and probably live on the same street in heaven.

Your brother in the vineyard.

Bro Jude Jones

The brother that fainted in church


You can tell Jesus wherever you are that:
  1. I surrender to you totally from now on.
  2. Please deliver me from lukewarm and unprofitable Christianity.
  3. Holy Spirit, please I need you as my best friend.
  4. A blind and deaf Christian is a disaster, please open my spiritual eyes and ears.
  5. Help me to focus on heaven and defeat worldliness.

Thanks for reading and following,

May God bless you and give you more understanding in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

This story is a compilation of actual experiences.

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