Testimony - How Henriette Thatcher's Lounge Helped Me Overcome Temptation!

Good Day Mamma.

I have been a follower of your page for some time now and I can say it has really changed me positively.

I recently lost my job after which I had already engaged to do my Degree Program. I must confess it's not easy but here is my testimony.

There is this married man who has been disturbing me for about a year now for a relationship. When I lost my job and with the financial responsibility of school I almost accepted him because he promised to pay my fees fully. The fee which is remaining about 400k now and many other things. 

In fact, he promised to do anything for me. I just needed to name it.

But being your follower I must confess I have not had good sleep for the past 4 days now. I have thought about it over and over and at one point I decided to accept but when I lie down to sleep my conscience keeps reminding me of how am going to destroy my life if I dare to date a married man.

Just this morning I woke up with a resolution of blocking him and not giving the devil any room in my life.

Though things are pretty hard I believe they will come around.

I want to encourage someone out there who is on the verge of doing the same thing I almost did to weigh the consequences and chose wisely. I always say life is a vicious cycle and what goes around comes around.

Thanks so much for your platform, I can't stop thinking of how it has impacted my life positively because I am surrounded by friends who do all kinds of things, I invited them to this page (Henriette Thatcher's Lounge) and most of them have really changed their behaviours.
Testimony - How Henriette Thatcher's Lounge  Helped Me Overcome Temptation!
Testimony - How Henriette Thatcher's Lounge  Helped Me Overcome Temptation!

Memorialising Henriette Nshan Tem and her platform Henriette Thatcher's Lounge

While it can be important to incorporate time for mourning, it is healthy to focus on Henriette Nshan Tem's legacy. That is why we will also take the time to share testimonials on the impact that Henriette Nshan Tem and her platform Henriette Thatcher's Lounge had on people's lives. 

We will carry the memory of Henriette Nshan Tem and her platform Henriette Thatcher's Lounge beyond the funeral.

We understand that it is completely normal to be sad when you lose someone that you love. And it is important to give yourself the time and outlets that allow you to grieve. 

But we also need to think back to the time and the impact that she had on people's lives over the years. Feel free to send your testimonies so that we can incorporate them into memorializing someone after they are gone.

Memorialising Henriette Nshan Tem and her platform Henriette Thatcher's LoungeInstead of focusing on life as it will be without Henriette Nshan Tem, we want to memorialize her and also maintain her memory in a place of gratitude for their presence in your life, rather than sadness that they are no longer here in the physical form.

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