Repost: If You Were To Appear Before God Today, What Will You Say You Did? - Henriette NSHAN TEM Asks!

We honour and celebrate Henriette by posting this article that she wrote in January of 2018. She askes a very pertinent question - If You Were To Appear Before God Today, What Will You Say You Did?

Please read her article and share your feelings and thoughts in the comment box below:

Good day friends and Happy New Year to you and your families. 

We all celebrate and thank God for giving us the grace to enter into the New Year. Many would have loved to have the opportunity we have right now to pop the champagne, pray, rejoice, dance and even drink a teaspoon of very fresh water to celebrate life.

Written By Henriette Nshan Tem

They are in the hospital, hanging between life and death. Others took their last breath in the very early seconds into the New Year. But those of us reading this post are blessed to be able to read because we are alive and healthy.

It is not because we are more righteous than those in the hospital, mortuary or displaced. No, maybe it is because God is giving us another chance to make things right with Him and our fellow human beings, so that when the time will come for us to go home for eternal rest, Heaven will be proud to open us its gates, while Angels chant ‘Welcome Home Brother/Sister’.

How Will You Want To Use This Opportunity?

Look back and remember the many wrong things you did to others in 2021. No one is righteous. You can still make amends from today onward.

Look back and see the many times you caused a fire that destroyed homes, wrecked relationships, left others brokenhearted and wounded, and even killed others through gossips, backbiting, slandering, manipulations, false accusations, false witnesses etc.

Look at the many times you had the opportunity of being a blessing/s into someone’s life, but because of selfishness, hatred and jealousy, you refused others to succeed.

Look back and see the many time's someone’s blessings was supposed to come from and through you, but you knocked down that person and derailed his/her blessings for your selfish interest.

Henriette NSHAN TEM
Henriette NSHAN TEM

Look back and think of that opportunity you had to reward someone last year, but you preferred to reward your acquaintances and let the real benefactors go away empty and frustrated. The list goes on and on and on and on.

How many people did you refuse to forgive in 2020, and still refuse to forgive this year? Remember the Lord’s Prayer ‘Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us’. You cannot expect God’s forgiveness if you refuse to forgive your fellow human beings. And when you forgive, remember the grudges no more.

Is there anybody or anyone you are holding captive in your heart this New Year? Let go. Let go my brother or sister, and have your peace that only God can give. There is more joy in forgiveness than hatred.

God has given us another chance to right all those wrongs we did to ourselves and others last year, and no one but you can decide to make amends and make things right for everyone again.

Everyone in his or her own small corner has something in him/her that can reshape the destiny and future of others. Don’t underestimate yourself.

We all are worth tons of blessings in our world. How we decide to use the treasures in us to bless those around us and our world depends on our willingness to make things right in the light.
Henriette NSHAN TEM
Henriette NSHAN TEM

Remember ‘I am because you are’. We are each other’s keepers. Without me, there is no you. Without you, there is no me.

As for me, I am going to be the BEST UPGRADED VERSION of myself. If I hurt or disappointed you last year, I AM SORRY. I personally have forgiven anyone who failed and bruised me last year, and we are good again because life is too short to make enemies.

This year, I won’t hold back any good thing about myself. I will stretch forth my services beyond boundaries, heal broken relationships, bring a smile to sad faces, be a source of motivation, consolation and relief to many and above all be the NATURAL ME that God created, and act towards my God's given purpose.

We came this far last year, because of you all. We are going further this year, by the Special Grace of God, but we are going still with you all. It is our duty to beautify our world and make it a better pace for every one of us.

What about you dear friends? What do you have in store for the world this year? Remember, what you give is what you receive.

You cannot expect success and prosperity if you don’t pray and work hard towards it.

You cannot expect good health if you don’t eat and live healthily.

You cannot expect peace if you refuse to give others peace.

You cannot expect happiness if you take away others’ happiness.

You cannot expect love if you sow seeds of discord and hatred.

Give the BEST of you to your fellow human beings, and the universe will be SUPER co-operative and FAVOURABLE with you and your every wish.

Good day friends and Happy New Year.

We are back to give you just the BEST!

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