2020 Prophecies By Dr. Prophet Blessing Chiza

PROPHECY 1: Numbers 22. There were four visions that came through that scripture portion, of Balaam and the donkey. The Lord gave me four visions in 4 stages.

- Stage 1: I saw a stubbornly stationery very angry donkey written Zimbabwe on its face, in a map like that of Zimbabwe, standing on very dry ground. 

With a rider on it and it was seriously beaten. In the vision, it was like the rider had beaten the donkey in 2019 and in 2020 the rider beat it harder. The rider had 6 initials on his forehead (The initials were G D M T E C). He beat it more than he did in 2019 using different whips and chamboks. 

There were some people (also with the same initials) who came and helped the rider to beat the donkey yet it did not move forward, but backwards 3 times. The optimistic rider was shocked that how come the donkey he beat hard moved to move forward moved backwards.

- Stage 2. The rider then took strong whips to beat the donkey and to his surprise when he did it, it even sat down and refused to move. It sat next to a rock and crushed the riders right leg. It was very painful to the rider such that he agonized in pain. I thought he was going to stop beating the donkey but surprisingly, he stubbornly continued beating the donkey and it became more stubborn, a hard nut to crack.

- Stage 3: He beat it again and forced it to rise up and to his surprise the donkey boldly spoke back against the rider in protest, saying "Can't you see that there is an angel with a heavenly sword in Gweru hindering me to move forward?" I expected to see the rider shocked that how could a donkey speak back to him, but he was not. 

To my surprise, he even answered it and said move. I said to myself aah how can this man (rider) not be afraid to answer a donkey that has spoken? The donkey said "I have never done this to you my master. I have been obedient all along when you were beating me".

- Stage 4: The angel saw that the rider was very stubborn and blind to its existence so the angel gave heavenly power to the donkey, not only to speak against it's rider but also to kick the rider off its back with its right leg in a mighty shocking way and the rider fell off (you know how the kick of an angry donkey, that has been beaten for a long time, without talking back, that is how hard the rider was kicked). 

The angel pierced the rider on the chest where the rider had been kicked. The rider collapsed and was down on the floor kicking for survival. The vision continued but the material is not for public consumption. It ended as the rider was being carried to ICU for resuscitation. Let the wise interpret what God is saying.

PROPHECY 2: I saw a canopy like a sky written period 2020 to 2023. Then sky opened and I saw myself like I was above in the sky, in a plane, but to my surprise, I was just in the air seeing what was happening under the canopy. 

Then a man appeared looking good in a suit and written on his forehead was "THE PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT OF NEW ZIMBABWE"... He was sleek, brown in complexion and in his middle life leading a people that were wearing tattered clothes and written suffering Zimbabweans. I thought since he was dressed smartly, the people were supposed to be dressed smartly too. 
2020 Prophecies By Dr. Prophet Blessing Chiza
2020 Prophecies By Dr. Prophet Blessing Chiza
The man stepped on the dry land of the map of Zimbabwe; he stepped on two points, the South and the Central and it opened up. Millions of ants came out of the dry ground and went to the right side of the Zimbabwe map. When I checked the right side I saw a man, a big tree, that was seated on a throne hiding in a cave made of soft clay and he was very corrupt with a lot of women, girlfriends inside, enjoying money and living like a corrupt life. 

He was heartless, very inconsiderate, full of pride, stubborn and the ants came and ate the clay cave and the big tree inside did not notice that he was now exposed and people were watching (him) like a movie.

When it realised that it was now naked, fire came from heaven on it. It caught fire all over its body. The flames that came were very hot and it was agonizing in pain. I looked on the other side where the ants come from and I saw the man who was wearing a suit removing the tattered clothes from the Zimbabweans and I saw that man now clothing Zimbabweans and giving them a piece of gold and diamond. 

I looked again on the right side to check on the burning old tree to my surprise it had disappeared. The throne where it was seated was having a heavenly cloud of God's glory. A voice came and told me deep stuff that was very deep and I wrote it down. I could read them but had no power to pronounce them. The Lord said let the wise interpret and in the spirit, it was written period 2020 to 2023.

PROPHECY 3: I heard a voice in that vision and a man wearing white clothes came to me shining like the sun. He said in a very loud voice, May 2020 to September 2020, Zimbabweans must pray! I saw a man saying, "When we reach that period something is going to happen in this nation, pray for that period" and the man disappeared from the scene. 

I just said to myself "May to September pray, what is that?" and I saw it written in the sky and I just started praying in the vision and God spoke many things about it to me. God said "tell Zimbabweans to pray about it. Shout May to September.

PROPHECY 4: I saw in the sky of Zimbabwe it was filled with helicopters and it's the period from 2020 to 2023. I just got surprised when I saw helicopters flying above the sky of Zimbabwe and the helicopters had blue and white on them, coming from somewhere and I said: "helicopters, for what in our nation?" They were many, like half spiritual & half physical like they were breathing. I didn't understand what they wanted in our sky but It's like they were backing, protecting and supporting Zimbabweans on the ground. I saw people smiling and very happy to see them. 

The book just closed as I was looking up in the sky seeing blue and white helicopters and people on the ground smiling.

On all prophecies (visions) I would get scriptures that I would be given first then prophecy. There was a voice saying this vision you will see it.

PROPHECY 5: I have spoken to you that in 2020 there will be a lot of robberies. When you are travelling especially in high-density suburbs, secure your house. Some robbers will come to threaten you in your house. In Harare, Mutare and they started harassing people and they were connected to the police to an extent their crimes in 2020 would just go away and the robbers were no longer afraid….In the vision I saw there were three women in a house crying "help us" and there were men trying to enter that house and God said "Pray for this nation, against robberies". 

Most of these people had no guns, but stones, .…some would even want to rape some women.

PROPHECY 6: I saw people going to certain rich people’s houses and these were youths with empty rusted plates and were gathered at on these houses begging for food. I just prayed about it and The Holy Ghost said: "pray for the healing of the youth economically". If that issue is not going to be resolved, not only in Zimbabwe but in Africa as a whole (I noticed youth are suffering). 

I saw in Nigeria youths start a revolution that spread in Africa. Politicians will be surprised because that revolution will be supported because African presidents have failed to help the youth. The youth will take it upon themselves to bring change.

PROPHECY 7: The Lord showed me President Donald Trump surrounded by lions and God said "Pray for him, they will try a lot of things but pray for him. I want him to go beyond the lions and/or the lion's mouth to be shut. Pray for him for he is going to be used to start a revival".

PROPHECY 8: I saw 2020 on CNN, Al Jazeera and BBC a veld fire came and spread across most portions of the world but not the whole world. There were letters on the ground written: "Protest like never before and stagnation". I was wondering why the world is now filled with demonstrations against their presidents. The Lord said, "Pray for continents in 2020 and release the blessing of peace".

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