12 Personal Prophetic Instructions For 2020 By Prophet Blessing Chiza


Main Prophetic Scripture: Read 2 Chronicles 20: 1-26.

-You need to know that there are 12 months in a year, that is why there are 12 instructions this 2020.
- The number 12 is the number of governance, that is why there are the 12 tribes of Judah.
- Focus more on 2 Chronicles 20:20 and there are 2 unique principles found in verse 20. This is a prophetic chapter as it has 20:20 for the year 2020.

Prophetic Word: "I saw there were poisonous dangerous bees moving around the spiritual atmosphere of Zimbabwe in 2020, they were very harmful and they were looking for certain people in the nation, especially heathens or unbelievers, they were not looking for everyone.

The year that we are entering is a year that is going to be very powerful to the children of God but dangerous to heathens/unbelievers. There is going to be a special favour for those in Christ. Some of the things are still happening in Zimbabwe today (they are still going to stick around a little bit) but we are near our breakthrough as a nation".

Instruction One: 2020 is a Year of setting yourself to seek God.

2 Chronicles 20: 3 God works with the minority and not the majority! God always works with a 'few' number so that He may show forth His power. God works with those that are despised and God chose a very small nation, Israel, so that He can show forth His power.

What is setting yourself to seek the Lord? It is purposefully making the decision to start 2020 in a new dimension, in a dimension of seeking God. As we go February, March, April things are going to be very tough. There will be house robberies and break-ins because it will be so hard for people. So, secure your house very well.
12 Personal Prophetic Instructions For 2020 By Prophet Blessing Chiza
12 Personal Prophetic Instructions For 2020 By Prophet Blessing Chiza
The first few months of 2020 forget a little bit and just persevere. If you were playing around with the Lord or you are an unbeliever, it is a time to go back to God. This is not a time to be independent of God. 

The stretch will be a 'little' very painful, so you need to be in God in 2020 especially the first half. Remember the prophecy of the refrigerator then you will understand what will happen. 

You have to make a decision to enter 2020 in CHRIST and truly seek God. Seeking is when you are looking for something that you have lost. If you do not seek the Lord, you might not make it through.

Instruction Two: It is a Year of Fasting.

2 Chronicles 20: 3 Fasting has power! When you are fasting, you are depriving the flesh so that your spirit man may pray unto the Lord in a powerful way. Humble yourself through fasting, as fasting is a spiritual principle and you are not just depriving yourself of food. You fast to attract the power of God. To engage in fasting for 30 days in January, then declare your own fasting throughout the year.

Instruction Three: It is a Year of asking for help from the Lord.

2 Chronicles 20: 4 In 2020 ask for help from the Lord, ask so that you may receive from the Lord. Ask God to help you to produce more business ideas if you are not married ask God to give you a marriage. Read Matthew 7vs7. Ask and you will receive, do not trust in your own strength in 2020 it will not work for you.

Instruction Four: It is a Year of being Prayerful.

2 Chronicles 20: 5-13 Be prayerful, do not be a complaining or grumbling person. The problem that is happening in Zimbabwe is that people are praying BUT the ruling top leaders are visiting traditional healers and traditional healers are full of demons that bring poverty in a nation.

This is a problem and we can hope and hope BUT it is like God does nothing until someone prays. Prayer moves God, for Him to move mountains away from you. We have been watching things happen and we have not been doing much about the situation! We need to unite in prayer, from Bulawayo to Harare, Mutare to Masvingo. The problem is that we have been following what is happening in the news portfolios but we are not praying for change. It is a year of being prayerful.

Instruction Five: It is a Year of putting your eyes upon God

2 Chronicles 20:1: Focus on God not on material things.

Instruction Six: It is a Year of "the Battle is the Lord's, it is not yours".

2 Chronicles 20:15 In 2020 the spirit says stop fighting, just give all unto God, it is a year of God's battle and remembers God can fight better than you. He is a better fighter than You. Engage God by fasting and praying.

Instruction Seven: It is a Year of positioning oneself prophetically and standing still to see the salvation of the Lord.
2 Chronicles 20: 17 Position yourself by putting an effort towards attending church every Sunday. Read the word and loving God.

If you are a Business person there are 3 important prophetic instructions for your Business to Thrive in 2020.

1. Tithe your Business proceeds into your church. 
2. Give your offerings and seeds to support God's work.
3. Make sure you give and support the poor, orphans widows and the less privileged of our society.
- Take someone to school, help someone and when you do that, you will attract God to bless you and you are positioned to receive. Your power is not going to help you, you may be a good business person but it will fail without God. You now need a better and higher power. Jews do not play with prayer, they may be business people but when it is time for prayer, they close shop and seek the Lord. 

As a Christian business person, your business needs to tithe in order to survive this economy.

Instruction Eight: It is a Year of praising and worshipping the Lord.

2 Chronicles 20vs18. 

Instruction Nine: It is a Year of believing in the Lord so that you are established.

When you believe in God, you shall be established.
2 Chronicles 20:20

Instruction Ten: It is a Year of Believing in His Prophets so that you prosper.

2 Chronicles 20:20 Believing in prophecy will make you to prosper. God is looking for conduit tunnels to release money and help others. You are blessed to be a blessing.

Instruction Eleven: It is a Year for you to learn to sing praise unto the Lord.

2 Chronicles 20: 22

Instruction Twelve: It is a Year where your enemies will help to destroy each other and there will be abundance in your life.

2 Chronicles 20:23 Your enemies will help to destroy one another and you will start to experience abundance. Abundance will come at a time when your enemies will be destroying each other. Those who will follow the above 11 prophetic scriptural principles will have a lot of money, plenty that will take them even 3 days to count in this dead economy of Zimbabwe.

Check how the people of God in 2 Chronicles 20 did those 11 prophetic things I have mentioned and abundance manifested in their lives as a result.

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