‘There Will Be War Among Nations’ - The Prophetic Word Of The Lord 2020 And Onward

Below is a continuation of prophecies given by the Lord through Apostle Steve Lyston, Bishop Dr Doris Hutchinson, Pastor Michelle Lyston, Prophetess Nadra Brotherton, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, and Prophet O. Onesto Jolly.

31. The results from the 2020 US elections will produce shocking numbers that may cause a civil war in every state. People must pray for the US election as this one is critical. Also, there will be surprised votes in Richmond, Virginia.

32. The Secret Service will come under close scrutiny in the US because of fraudulent practices over the years.

33. The relationship between Russia and the US will diminish because of great exposure that could further impeach the US president.

34. There will be a great famine in all 51 states in the US, and all will experience this – both spiritually and naturally – and great devastation, but God’s people will be covered.

35. There will be more wars among nations. In all of this, Deuteronomy 7: 13 – 16 declares that there will be blessings and healing for God’s people. Ships carrying food/provision will be hijacked (by pirates) and cargo will be taken away. Pray for Jordan and Gaza. Communication will get worse worldwide. Infiltration will take place to sabotage trade around the world.

36. Money in all its forms will play a very significant role in 2020. Many who were considered on top will go through great turmoil. Sickness, diseases death, divorce, and other shakings will happen to those who were given wealth but squandered their resources and did not use them as they should. Two countries will be in a war over money.

37. Chronic diseases without cure will be on the increase. They will bring death and much suffering. Because of the sinful acts man has taken unto himself, many will die.

38. The drug cartels are using different avenues to bring in their drugs from the top, and this has affected little children and families. This is and has been crushing the economy, and the Lord is about to step in.

39. Pray for all the railway lines throughout the USA and the world. A great deception is coming in the USA. Pray for all aircraft, airports, ports of entry. Travel will become difficult.

40. Pray earnestly for California, Alabama, New York (especially Long Island, Manhattan, Wall Street, and Grand Central Station), New Jersey, South Carolina (especially Charleston), Maine, Texas, and Canada.

41. Different problems will arise out of Wall Street that will cause many to run into debt. Wall Street will bring instability to the economy.

42. The French prime minister will have many situations to solve because his own Cabinet undermines him because of his age. There are plots and plans to overthrow the Government.

43. The Ford Company will suffer huge losses in sales and lawsuits for mistreatment of their former and present employees. Pray also for Walmart – there will be a split that may affect thousands of staff members.

44. The USA-China relationship will weaken further as trust is lacking and China is of the belief that it doesn’t need the USA.

45. There will be major wars in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua that will have a domino effect on other countries.

46. Sex trafficking is on the rise, and it shall be exposed in every state in the US and in every ­country, says the Lord.
‘There Will Be War Among Nations’ - The Prophetic Word Of The Lord 2020 And Onward

47. The spiritual, mental, and emotional well-­being of young children of VIPs, politicians, diplomats, and other officials is neglected, and a new generation of the ‘latchkey kid’ is rising. We must pray for those children because they are now also ‘armed’ with limitless, unsupervised, technology, exposure to the sex trafficking industry, ­official immunities, money, and the new thrust regarding the rights of the child.

48. Many of the Mexican people believe that they have been deceived by their president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, because they have not seen the change that they have longed for, and they are now seeing his true leadership style, which is not in favour of the poor. Serious ­problems ahead.

49. We are about to see the migration of large numbers of fish and mammals to the land. They will be running from the sea. This will be a sign. Experiments will also go wrong.

50. Pray because major and widespread food contamination will take place.

51. Pray for the West Wing of the White House. There will be demonstrations throughout the US concerning health-insurance coverage, new gun laws, and ­treatment from law enforcement.

52. A new level of evil mixed with the scientific is taking place. Pray and cover your families.

53. Three major US airlines will struggle in this coming year. Two will bounce back, but one will go fully under. This will be a rough year for the airline industry. Pray also for all airlines beginning with the letter P.

54. Disney Cruises, Disney World, and Epcot Centre will face lawsuits not only in the USA, but also worldwide.

55. The trucking industry will undergo a major shift that will negatively affect smaller trucking companies and owner-operators. There will be a great outcry for better legislation that will give the small people a better chance to make a living.

56. There will be torrential rains and landslides in Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Guyana, Grenada, Jamaica, Houston, Texas and Cancún, Mexico.

57. There will be tsunamis in diverse places such as Turkey, Bangladesh, and Guam. There will also be desert storms in Egypt as have never been recorded before, and many lives will be lost.

58. There will be earthquakes and fires in different places in California. God is not through with them yet.

59. Physical and spiritual earthquakes will be shaking cities, and in the midst of the shaking, there will be frightening exposures. In the midst of the disaster, people will be running around naked and afraid, and infidelities and alternative, hidden lifestyles will be in full public view.

60. More volcanic eruptions shall occur in Montserrat and Hawaii. Disaster will hit Japan and China. Pray for Iowa – fires will break out. More floods in Istanbul.

61. There will be attempts to poison a globally known politician.

62. A leader will rule the USA, and his rule will be hard to determine. Part will be good and part will be bad. Many will be deceived. Some will be happy, but ultimately, great sorrow for all. Only the righteous will be saved from the iron rule because they are led by the Spirit of God. A paradigm shift will take place that will change the world. Dark days are coming when many will refuse to eat. Many will die. Some will commit suicide, and this will also affect the whole earth. There will be famine for the word of God, famine for the truth, and famine for food. At the time appointed, that leader will change dramatically, and those who support that leader will be disappointed. A leader will rise up and change things for God’ people. Furthermore, there is a scandal that will break out that will cause the leader to hide away. God will cover His people, but some states will not recover.

63. Leaders in the Kingdom and the secular world will pay for their deeds in 2020. God will not be mocked. As a man soweth, so shall he reap, and not just reap, but reap double. As in Exodus 22: 7, there will be an exposure, and when the thief is found, he will have to pay double. There are many rumours that were going around concerning management, leadership, and organisations, but now, everything will come to light. Many will show their hand in 2020, i.e. companies, churches, and individuals will take a stand to show if they are on God’s side or not.

64. More cut-offs regarding food assistance will take place in the USA. It will lead to more homelessness. “Pray for the poor, My people.”

65. Immigration policies that the USA is now pursuing will bring great suffering and serious problems ahead. It will affect the family, the economy, the future, and the Church, as well as real estate, education, the army and cause homelessness. Those who impose it will regret it in the future and will weep on their beds. They will make it easier for some and harder for the poor to enter the nation. Those they favour will not have any loyalty to the country.

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