DiscipleSoft Recognised As Top Mobile App Developer In Zimbabwe and South Africa

Mobile application developer DiscipleSoft has evolved into a design and development guru in southern Africa.

Based in South Africa and Zimbabwe, the company provides a full spectrum of church application development services including mobile app development, and church growth web toolkit.

The entity creates comprehensive applications and for churches and ministries across various platforms such as Android and iOS.

With clients in numerous countries, DiscipleSoft is a global company with 50+ successful projects already completed. It is committed to serving small, medium and mega Churches.

DiscipleSoft team delivers high-quality church mobile apps products as the team is committed to making sure every piece of mobile apps they develop is a perfect match for each church's goals because DiscipleSoft measures success by the success of the mobile apps developed for the specific churches.
 DiscipleSoft Recognised As Top Mobile App Developer In Zimbabwe and South Africa

The company follows Quality Control standards and methodologies in which all the church apps developed passes through different tests to ensure the quality goals, the fulfilment of the church's requirements in addition to the response of the mobile app under high load.

Under its belt, DiscipleSoft offers the following church mobile app products Soul Tracker, Pulse, ChurchApp and FollowApp. It also offer a web-based system called DiscipleSoft Web. DiscipleSoft-Web is the company's flagship integrated software platform designed to address the full spectrum of administration and growth needs of your church.

The cloud-based platform utilises the latest software design protocols to give any church a strong foundation for administration and growth.

DiscipleSoft client has left reviews on their Social Media Platforms of a 4.8 to a 5-star rating. This has helped motivate the company to become the top church mobile app developers in South Africa, Zimbabwe and soon the rest of the world.

Although DiscipleSoft is headquartered in South Africa, it provides churches all over the world with high-quality mobile apps development services. All the DiscipleSoft products and services are covers all the nations in Africa and the rest of the world.
 DiscipleSoft Recognised As Top Mobile App Developer In Zimbabwe and South Africa
More About DiscipleSoft:
DiscipleSoft Is The Leading Provider Of Information Management Solutions For Churches, Ministries and Other Faith-Based Organizations In Africa. DiscipleSoft Is Dedicated To Helps Churches Organize To Spread The Gospel!

We would love to assist you if you have any questions or just want to chat:
DiscipleSoft (Zimbabwe Offices)
27 Irvine Close
Zimbabwe Telephone: +263 77 811 8421

DiscipleSoft (South Africa Offices)
Epsom Downs Office Park
Aintree House
Sloane Street

Telephone: +27 11 463 0907

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