Digital Missions Champions The Digital Dominance Benchmark

Being digital and strengthening your brand in the digital space is essential to become future proof. Digital dominance helps your church or business to stay ahead of the competition and be the winner in your industry.

My years' of research and experience in the digital world has taught me that churches need to invest smartly to create digital differentiation and need:

1. A strong web presence, inviting, quick to load, searchable with clear navigation and calls to action for the members and potential visitors.

2. Mobile optimization beyond responsive design; also succinct, uncluttered and with a clearly visible value proposition.

3. Emotional engagement with church members and potential visitors, utilizing and curating relevant stories and content delivered by a compelling member experience.

4. A proactive social media strategy to engage with the church members and communities on social where they turn to for information, counsel and decision making.

5. Paid media advertising to ensure brand visibility, awareness, consideration and church member activation.

Many churches are struggling to get it ‘right’ with their digital efforts, and therefore, face the challenge to bridge the gap between member expectations and the experience they deliver as a church or ministry.
Digital Missions Champions The Digital Dominance Benchmark

Luckily, it is possible to determine who owns the digital space in each sector and what your church can do to get or stay ahead in the digital space.

Know your digital brand strength:

That some churches are increasing their digital budget is no secret, but the question is, how far are digital initiatives taking churches in the strive for digital excellence? In the age we live in, churches need to create a competitive advantage by mastering their digital presence and engagement.

We have started an initiative under Digital Missions called the Digital Dominance Benchmark. Digital Dominance Benchmark tracks churches’ digital performance. It shows how digital dominant churches are in the digital spectrum. The Index is an indicator that describes how strong each church performs in the digital sphere.

Our benchmark will determine the church's digital positioning. Different aspects of the benchmark are more or less relevant in different church spheres. We measure digital dominance within 5 key digital areas:

1. Websites,
2. SEO,
3. Social Media,
4. Youtube (Videos) and
5. Mobile Apps.

With the data we collect we are able to rank the brands within each of the Digital pillars

The pillars consist of various KPIs that allow for deeper investigation into what exactly has affected a specific church’s digital performance and what can be done to improve performance. It can also be used to match with your current strategy and efforts to indicate what has worked well and what has not.

Why it is important:

Churches that invest strongly in their digital capabilities not only get ahead of the competition in the digital sphere but also improve their overall ministry performance. The Digital Dominance Benchmark helps you to define the right direction for your digital investments.

Why is it important to measure your digital brand strength?

- To gain insights into how other churches are performing on all digital channels
- To compare to and learn from other churches on how to improve your own digital performance.
- To learn which digital capabilities you need to improve and how.
- Being able to see whether your previous efforts have paid off and which have been less effective.

It helps you to define a digital strategy to ensure that you become the dominant player in the digital world.

Please be sure to email me if you want to know more about the benchmark. Send your email to

Helping churches to thrive in a digital world.

Mission: Our Mission is to help churches to create breakthrough ministry performance improvements through the implementation of new ministry models, the practical application of digital innovations and the enablement of people. We create substantial value for our church clients, our network partners and people.

Approach: The Digital Missions program brings the deep industry, functional and technology expertise required to address the challenges that churches all over the world face.

We combine over 15 year years of consulting experience with the latest insights on technology and church transformation. We believe that the challenges of churches today are driven by an economic and digital transition. Being successful now requires new and distinguishing capabilities.

Digital Missions helps define and implement those capabilities.
Digital Missions Champions The Digital Dominance Benchmark

As Digital Missions, we want to be the partner of choice for churches in realizing true and sustainable ministry transformation.

As a result, Digital Missions works with churches to strengthen their offerings, increase their impact, scale their ministry and accelerate their international breakthrough.

The Digital Revolution: The Digital revolution is difficult to grasp, goes faster than any previous technology revolution and gives many compelling and new opportunities. The current technology revolution also results in real digital performance gaps for many churches.

The digital performance gap is today’s big business topic: Our church members are way ahead of many churches in terms of digital savviness and are online all day.

For many traditional churches, staying in sync with current reality is an undoable task.

The constraints posed by legacy structures, capabilities, processes and technology often seem too big to overcome. Waiting for things to settle however is not an option.

In this new “techonomy,” the increasingly sophisticated and always-connected church members expect more from churches. He or she demands personalization, relevance, convenience, simplicity and proximity. To stay competitive, churches need a new approach to inspire and engage, drive conversion.

Digital Missions helps churches with their digital transformation in a holistic manner, works value-based and always with the ultimate end goal in mind: sustainable digital transformation to increase the competitive advantage of churches.

Digital Missions and it's Digital Partner Network brings their experience to clients in the key areas of digital transformational change.

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