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Two Tips For Churches and Ministries To Advertise On Low Budget!

Churches, ministries and often small Christian businesses do not have huge marketing budgets to get their messages across to congregations. 

Even though they do not have large marketing budgets, they still need to spend money if they wish to market themselves and grow their congregations or customers. They also need to market to raise funds for church repairs, ministries or business expenses. 

Often, they do not know where to turn to market themselves on a low budget. These are two (2) ideas they can try to market themselves without having to pay a marketer. 
Two Tips For Churches and Ministries To Advertise On Low Budget!
However, using professional Christian marketing might be the most cost effective way to promote your church or business.
1. Social Media: Using Facebook, Instagram and Google are free. You most likely won’t get new customers, but you might get new members to your church. However, you will get brand awareness. 

People will see your regular posts and follow you. They will connect you and your ministry or you and your business products or services. They will discover who you are and want to be part of what you do. For a small amount more, you could advertise on social media sites. 

These advertisements will further increase your brand awareness and following. You also could use social media to spread your message more consistently.

2. A Website: Keeping your website optimized for search engines is important in this digital world. You could check your website yourself or have a volunteer do it. Besides being optimized, you also want to add new content regularly. 

For example, you could have a blog where you give information your congregation or customers want to know. You also could provide the information they need to know. If you put a link on your social media every time you update your blog, you get double the advertising. 

You also could ask others to advertise on your website. This would provide you an income to market other ways. And, you might think about advertising on compatible websites, such as other churches who have similar values as yours or companies that make good referral partners to you.

If these ideas are overwhelming, you could hire someone to do these for you. 

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