Step Outside The Familiar and Comfort Zones with Glory Invasion 2019

Stepping outside of your comfort zone means actively seeking out new opportunities for renewal and growth.

Like getting on that bus, typically the hardest part of disrupting the status quo is just getting to where you need to be.

At Latter House Apostolic Ministries, we are blessed annually with a life-transforming conference that is designed to help us engage even more deeply with God.

Remember that being a dynamic Christian means subjecting yourself to experiences that can change you – and being changed by them.
Step Outside The Familiar and Comfort Zones with Glory Invasion 2019

Do not stagnate in your faith because it is easy.

Do not write off your faith as another item on an always growing to-do list. Make your relationship with God a priority and seek Him out in new ways.

Join us at Glory Invasion 2019 and experience a shattering and destruction of every comfort zone in your life!
Host: Apostles P. and J. Munyoro
Date: 2-8 September 2019 (Monday - Saturday)
Time: 1800Hrs - 2100Hrs
Venue: Key College Grounds, Seke

Admission: FREE!

For Further Enquiries, Kindly Contact The Following: +263 772 945733 | +263 784 552186 | +263 773 589674

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