New Book - Deliverance From The Powers of Darkness (The Introduction)

Supernatural Powers: Thulani’s Sad Story 

“John please explain to me what really happened yesterday,” Thulani asked. John’s response was baffling: “As I was playing my basketball game, one young guy came shouting out my name. 

I responded and he told me that he had seen you running at unbelievable speed towards the school athletics field. There was no one there. As he continued watching from a distance, he said that, before you got there you ran straight into a massive tree head-first and dropped down, as if you were dead. That is when he came to call me. I came and saw you unconscious and bleeding and carried you till you regained consciousness a few metres from the office school tap where I wanted to clean your face and body. 

You were weak, had a lot of blood and sand.” “Yes from there onwards I can still remember. I was so weak and you carried me to a car that took me home to my mum. That part I know, but I still cannot understand what came over me to get me running berserkly and unconsciously like that,” Thulani intercepted.

This is a true story of one young man who met evil supernatural powers that were designed to both lead him to be insane and to die as he stuck his head into the tree. At the peak of his high school education which taught that such beliefs in the supernatural were backward, he was faced with the choice between theory and the practicality of unseen forces in the world.

Maybe I stopped an interesting story that you had wanted to know how it ended. Obviously! Thulani’s relatives took him to different spiritual practitioners to get help from these spirits. The best they could get out of this endeavour was who had caused this and how it happened. Most of the information was true because the family had actually witnessed this. A relative had come home and performed certain traditional rituals, which they said were meant to help the family. For the spiritual practitioners, that was not the reason. 
New Book - Supernatural Powers: Thulani’s Sad Story (The Introduction)
The real reason was to cast certain spirits that were haunting the relative’s family on the boy. 

Sad Story Turns Joyous

Since no help was gotten, Thulani gave up all to fate and this problem persisted. Thulani would go to school, get attacked by those spirits and school authorities would have to find a way to get him home or call his mum from over twenty (20) kilometres to take him home. When study time came he would hear invisible people laugh and mock at him saying that he would never amount to anything. A year after the sad event that happened at school, a different voice started speaking to Thulani. It was gentle and loving. It started teaching Thulani on how to overcome the previous voices and evil attacks.

The supernatural had taken a different turn. The first lesson was how he could overcome by just worshipping the name of the Lord. He did and this dissolved an imminent attack on him. Confidence started building. The second lesson was on the power of the name of Jesus Christ.

This went on, slowly, for a few years and Thulani got totally delivered. Thulani has become a leader of a growing church and has been used of God to deliver people from sin, Satanism, witchcraft, insanity, sicknesses, diseases, illnesses and many demonic spirits over more than twenty years. Thulani has also written a book (amongst many) on how you can be, totally, delivered from the powers of darkness. The book is the one you are reading now. Yes! You are not wrong! Thulani is the local name the mother gave to the same boy whose father named Pride.

Read on as you pray, this book will help you, both, to get fully delivered and to minister deliverance to others. Have you ever wondered why you are not delivered, where your problems come from, and the signs of demonic bondage and how to help others to be free? 

This is the book for you, which will not just answer these questions but with it, impart an anointing of deliverance. It comes out of vast experience of deliverances I have personally conducted and taught people on how to stay delivered from these very principles that are now in book form. 

At one time, as I was praying, God gave me a vision of a great angel of warfare, holding a blazing sword, which had arisen to deliver God’s people. I got confused, then He told me to open Daniel 12:1: “And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people…and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.” This is the time to deliver people. In many ways he has shown me that He has indeed given us power to deliver people and told me (and you), “I have given you authority over the enemy!”

Let the journey, begin, “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and overall the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke 10:19).
New Book - Supernatural Powers: Thulani’s Sad Story (The Introduction)

LIMITED EDITION - Deliverance From The Powers of Darkness: Manual for Deliverance and Healing By Bishop Pride Sibiya

This is a Deliverance Manual written by Bishop Pride Sibiya. The manual can be used for self-deliverance or for the deliverance worker.

It is a very comprehensive work which is the result of Bishop Pride Sibiya's years of personal experiences, Bible Study and researches. The manual covers practically every topic on deliverance from demonic oppression and possession.
Deliverance From The Powers of Darkness
The manual is available as a PDF Version.

Get The Pdf Edition - (+263) 774 042042 (WhatsApp For More Information)

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Deliverance From The Powers of Darkness

About The Author 2019:

Bishop Pride Sibiya is an author and speaker. He founded Glory Ministries ( in 2001. The ministry has grown into a multi-faceted international outreach which reaches many nations.

Bishop Pride Sibiya has authored numerous books other books including "How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses!, The Cell Group System, Let's Talk About Sex Babe and Why Should I Go To Church." He and his wife Anna Sibiya live in Zimbabwe, Greater Harare with their three daughters.

Bibliographic Information:

Title: How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses!.
Author: Apostle Pride Sibiya
Book Design: Oudney's Studios ( - 2015
ISBN:  9780797 464001
Length: 44 pages
Subjects: Religion, Deliverance, Christian Theology, Ethics
Deliverance From The Powers of Darkness

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