Purpose Your Pain (Sample Book Chapter - The Introduction)

Pain has no prejudice, that is one truth I have come to realise in life. It is no respecter of persons so in this life we all go through our own share of trials and tribulations. 

What then does one do about the pain? Well, I came to the bittersweet realisation that all we can do is purpose our pain. Pain should never define us or direct us, because like everything else in life it does come to an end. 

Written By Rumbidzi J. Kagura

But the flip side of it is if you don't know what to do with it, it will own you. It takes courage to purpose your pain and not just watch it take over your life. So what we should ask ourselves is what we are going to do about the painful situations in our lives. As for me I truly hate to let pain win.

People often ask why God even made us go through pain in the first place. Why He allowed death. The thing is there are seasons in life which are irrevocable and the least we can do is to face them with grace and courage. In every living being is the instinct to survive, if we could we would even defy death itself. 
 Purpose Your Pain (The Introduction)
It is that instinct that drives us to overcome whatever trials and tribulations that may come our way. That is why we even survive those things that could have buried us. You don' t have to let that sickness or problem dim the light in your life. You choose how you are going to react to the things you're going through. 

Pain is real and so is your strength. You have to do whatever you can even if it means you do it afraid. I would rather survive even if I have to do it with a limp or black eye.

Many people have built lasting foundations around their sicknesses and pain. They have become our inspiration even if they are long gone all because they refused to let pain win. I am always amazed by Hellenic Keller's story and how she rose above her circumstances. She didn't let pain win and she didn't let it define her either. What she couldn't see with her eyes, she perceived in her spirit. What is it that you're letting define you? 

You are not your abusive past or a broken family. Hellen did not allow her blindness to camouflage her wisdom and courage. This clearly shows that pain can be overcome and purposed. The reality is most of us have got some pain but we don't know what to do with it. This is why I have written this book to let someone know that pain can be purposed and you can overcome it. 

You choose what pain will do to you.

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