You Are Much Stronger Than You Realise says Cynthia Chirinda Hakutangwi!

Have you ever been faced with anything in your life and at first, thought to yourself, “I will never overcome this. It’s too difficult.”? You probably have felt this way at some stage. 

But do you also remember how rewarding it felt to overcome that ‘impossible’ challenge? To do what you never thought you could do? To cross over a very difficult season of challenges, distress, loss, heartbreak, dire lack or failure?

Article Written By Cynthia Chirinda
Most of us go about our life never truly realizing just how tough we are. At times, we might catch a glimpse and be surprised with ourselves but most of the time, we’re too busy beating ourselves up over why we aren’t constantly exceeding our personal best. 

We kick ourselves over why we’re not smart enough, why we quit at everything we do, why we didn’t do better at that job interview, or why we always seem to mess everything up. 

But you’re stronger than you realize. And, sometimes, you just need a little reminder to see how far you’ve come.

Invest in finding your inner strength!

Every one of us has inner strengths, far beyond what we are aware of. Childhood experiences or life traumas may have concealed your inner strengths (and they may be the cause for problems you have with self-confidence and accessing your strengths), but they are, and always remain, your natural birthright. 
You Are Much Stronger Than You Realise says Cynthia Chirinda Hakutangwi!

They are waiting right beneath the surface, beckoning to be released. Finding these inner resources is not always easy - it often requires painstaking work. 

But with diligence and persistence you can uncover them. Begin with the attitude and commitment that you are going to invest in finding your inner strength.

Embrace Challenges!
An olive does not produce oil until you press it — meeting a challenge brings out the best in a person. Inside of you there is potential that is unrealized, but without some pressure you won’t access it. Pressure builds a drive to overcome the obstacle, the need to find a way. 

People find solutions that they never would have thought of had they not been under pressure. Pressure also dislodges and forces the hidden strengths to surface.

You have the power to define your worth!
Regardless of who hurt you or tried to hijack your joy, even if it’s you and your broken patterns, the freedom is found in coming to the realization that only you have the power to define your worth. You are here on purpose, for purpose, and in purpose. 

Your dreams matter, as they are the manifestation of your soul’s calling. Broken patterns, broken relationships, broken business endeavours, broken body - do not make you broken. You can be wounded, but not broken. 

Your soul is unbreakable, as it exists on a plane that transcends our thoughts and feelings and biases.

It’s time to see your worth at the highest value of your perception. It’s from this place of overwhelming gratitude that you begin to step into the mindset that truly anything is possible for you, because you realize that life is a gift you’ve been offered.
You Are Much Stronger Than You Realise says Cynthia Chirinda Hakutangwi!
You Are Much Stronger Than You Realise says Cynthia Chirinda Hakutangwi!
Create and live your best life!
To successfully manifest all you want in the world, first you must become the person you believe would have all the things you want, before you can manifest what you want. 

Affirmations, visualisations and many other tools are available to help you change your belief about yourself and who you are. Successful manifestation is a result of self-awareness, self-development or personal growth. 

Creating a better life comes when you change your beliefs about who you are. You are a powerful creator and have within you the power that creates worlds. Life is about becoming the best you can be so you can deliberately and consciously create and live your best life.

There is greatness inside of you. You are your potential. Follow the work that inspires you and devote your heart and soul to that mission. You have the key to manifest and unlock all of your dreams and turn them into reality. 

Don't allow limiting beliefs to get in the way of your success. Your mindset is everything. 
Train it to be your supporter and not your opponent.

Why do we think the way we do?

Much of it has to do with how we were brought up, experiences that have been passed down onto us and absorbed from our parents. We grow up viewing ourselves a certain way and it is very hard to break these cycles and develop new and healthier mental habits. 

So many of us are completely unaware of these thought patterns for years, decades or even entire lifetimes. 

We speak to ourselves a certain way over and over again. Hundreds of thousands of times throughout any given day, week, month and year of our lives. The thoughts we think manifest into our actions and the actions we take become the lives that we lead.

You might not fully believe it. You might doubt yourself. You might have had too many experiences that have “proven” otherwise…! 

But I can tell you without a doubt, that in spite of the adversities you could currently be facing, there is more peace, more abundance, more love, more greatness and more strength available within than you can imagine! It’s just a matter of uncovering it. Unearthing it. Cleaning up the old stuff and letting yourself shine.
You Are Much Stronger Than You Realise says Cynthia Chirinda Hakutangwi!
Cynthia Chirinda is an Organisational and Personal Development Consultant, a Life Coach, Author, and Strategist. 

Her two new additions to the Connection Factor Collection “The Connection Factor for Leaders” and “The Connection Factor for Women” speak to matters that position organisational leaders and women respectively, to achieve greater levels of success through their strategic connections. 

Looking at improving your career, personal effectiveness, communication skills, relationships, focus, faith and happiness? Wholeness Incorporated Coaching offers you strategies you can implement today to review your progress and achieve your goals. 

LinkedIn: Cynthia Chirinda
Mobile: 263 717 013 206. 

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