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Check These 10 Things Pastors Shouldn’t Do On Social Media [Personal Opinion]

In an era where social media is king, it only takes one post to get you completely caught up with drama and nonsense.

It seems as though Pastors have been getting it the worse. We all remember Bishop Eddie Long’s disastrous social media display when pictures of him in tights standing provocatively in the mirror hit the internet.

We also remember how Pastor Charles Jenkins was photographed in a compromising situation.

In order to help our fellow men of God, I decided to come up with 10 things pastors should not do on social media.
 Check These 10 Things Pastors Shouldn’t Do On Social Media [Personal Opinion]

I hope this will keep them from getting caught up on the internet in the future:

1. No Passing Judgement On Social Media: Social Media users tend to be ratchet and ignorant when they post pictures. Some of the pics can be a bit much, but we should not pass judgement Pastors.

2. No Emoji’s Except For “Praise Hands”: Many Emoji’s have hidden meanings, so your safe bet would be to only post praise hands. It will ensure that a Pastor is not involved in a conversation that might haunt them in the future.

3. No Selfies In The Mirror: Mirror selfies tend to grow legs. Pastors should stay away from the bathroom mirrors and phone pics. Those pics will end up on your friends and families Facebook page almost guaranteed.

4. Do not Post Ratchet Memes: Ratchet is a slang term used to describe someone perceived as classless or trashy. The antonym of ratchet is swag. The term ratchet is often regarded as a great 'tool' for sugar coding the phrase "rat sh*t" so people who do not get it will not hear the words "rat" or "sh*t". Many people massively overuse the term without realizing the slang is a type of the word wretched that popularity made become a meme.

Pastors, please leave the Ratchet memes for the ratchets. Posting these images or even rating them could leave a bad taste in the mouth of your loyal followers. Stay away from 94% of the memes on the internet.

5. No Tweeting From The Pulpit:
Tweeting in Church is frowned upon for the congregation and it should be frowned upon if the Pastor does it. The Pew is for preaching not tweeting and sharing on social media.
 Check These 10 Things Pastors Shouldn’t Do On Social Media [Personal Opinion]
 Check These 10 Things Pastors Shouldn’t Do On Social Media [Personal Opinion]
Do it before going to the pulpit.

6. Archive Pictures Of You Favorite Secular Musicians:
We all like some secular music or musicians, but Pastors please keep your love for most of the secular musicians to yourself and especially off your social media.

7. Liking and Commenting On Models Pictures:
Pastors, we know Models need Jesus just like anyone else (and some Models are Christians too), but please stay away from their social media accounts, The last thing you need is Reposts from Models saying cannot wait to see you at church pastor.

8. No Direct Messaging Members Of The Church On Social Media:
Direct Messages on Social Media equal drama, so they should be done with caution. All you need as a Pastor is a member of the church sharing your personal message with the whole congregation, that is trouble waiting to happen.

9. Do Not Post Pictures Of Your Flashy Things:
We understand Church is a business, but people look up to you and your word. Do not abuse my trust by posting pictures of your cars and your houses, just show me the way.

10. What Point Did I Leave Out!

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