What Does 21st Century Sanctification Look Like?

Living the sanctified life does not mean we become too spiritual to be so earthly useless.

Sanctification means you have to be set apart from the secular and the sinful. It means that we aim to be set apart, but still aim to be so unique that you do not depend of the secular systems to set the standard for you!

The bible says — Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Thessalonians 5:23).

Sanctification is about having no taint of sin on us!
Sanctification is about being blameless toward God.

The Unger’s Bible Dictionary says The dominant idea of sanctification, is separation from the secular and sinful, and setting apart for a sacred purpose.

- Yes, This sanctification and separation does not mean disconnection from people — it means disconnection from sin.

To live a sanctified life, you must disconnect from sin. (I John 3:9).
Oudney Patsika Takes Time To Study The Word and Pray!
- Yes, This sanctification and separation does not mean stealing secular and making it look holy. It means being among then but do not copying or imitating them.

Sanctification provides us access to specific blessings, answered prayers, fresh unction, divine health, supernatural breakthroughs, signs and wonders, grace and glory — from God.

- We can worship God and still impact the WORLD.
- We can worship God and still influence the entertainment INDUSTRY.
- We can worship God and sing gospel that reached million view in 24 hours.
- We can still worship God and still become niche leaders!

Remember! Do not copy or imitate them! Rather live among them and still remain separated from the secular and sinful … but still strive to know God enough that he bestows upon you the grace and anointing to be both HOLY AND INVENTIVE.

I just hope my message is clear and that what I wrote makes sense. This is because today when I prayed for you:

- I asked God to anoint you in your industry!
- I asked God to make you the model holy musician who will remain untainted by the secular!
- I asked christian to rise up in their creativity and inventiveness that the secular will come to learn from us!
So, What Does 21st Century Sanctification Look Like?

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