• Every Pastor and Church Leader Needs To Learn This New Language

    The One Area Where Every Pastor and Church Leader Needs To Be Trained For In The 21st Century:

    The culture in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world is shifting at a very fast pace. This is happening dramatically in a relatively short period. The face of ministry is radically changing so much that ministry training, whether formal or informal, did not reflect the reality that modern leaders are facing.

    So What Is The Greatest Need That The Pastor and Church Leader Has?
    Reverend Oudney N. Patsika Speaks On Social Media
    Reverend Oudney N. Patsika Speaks On Social Media
    They Need To LEARN A New Language: If a pastor or church leader does not “Speak” social media, he or she is neglecting one of the fastest growing trends in our nation, indeed in our world. It is no longer a fad; it is a primary means of communication.

    The one AREA where every Pastor and Church Leader needs to be trained for in The 21st Century and THE GREATEST lesson and language that they need to learn TO SPEAK is SOCIAL MEDIA.


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