How to Set Your 2019 Church Communications Budget

I have written this article to help you come up with a very simple church communications budget.

The first place to start when creating a communications budget is to know what your church or ministry wants to accomplish in the coming year.

This means creating a communications strategy so you have a solid plan for your vision and goals. Once you know what you must accomplish, then you can know what you should include in your church communications budget.

Below are the top church communications channels which I feel every church and every leader should consider including in the budget:

1. Digital Advertising.
2. Digital Media.
3. Public Relations.
4. Printing and Distribution.
5. Graphic Design etc.

The amount you budget for each area will depend entirely on the resources you already have (or don’t have) for each area and what you will need to outsource.
Oudney Patsika (Media Expert)
It also depends very much on the impact you want a specific area to have.

I strongly encourage you to consider putting the most resources toward high-impact areas that will attract and reach the biggest audience — and whose impact can be measured. For example, never ever underestimate the power and impact of Facebook.

  • Create A Facebook Page for your church and make sure that it meets all the design standards. Find a team of young motivated youths who can be trained to oversee the page (Potter’s House and TD Jakes only works with 3 person — So you do not need a big team to start.)  
  • Create engaging posts that are deliberate and well thought … Never ever take Social Media as an aftermath. Dedicate time and efforts toward every effort. 
  • Capture your church services with a Photo Digital Camera and put the photos of your page as a Church Service update. 
  • Use a simple mobile phone to stream your church service on both Facebook and Youtube. This will keep your members connected. 
  • Find a great Graphic Designer to design all your church graphics for the coming month — make sure that you optimise on the quality of the graphics and the look and feel of your church bran … etc. 
  • Remember that social media represents your brand — and it is not a good culture to have infrequent posting on all your social media pages. 
Also remember, if you cannot afford a video camera, start with audio. You simply need to use your laptop and a simple audio capturing software etc.

If you last posted in December 2018 — You will give a very negative impression of your church.

Let me close by saying, in the same way, a BMW, or BENZ drives you and moves you from one location to the next — so does media. Media is the medium of moving the message from one place to the other and we do a really bad job in keeping our media vehicle well serviced

Take time to check your media mileage and if your media vehicles are due for service … just remember that they need URGENT MONEY ATTENTION and NOT PRAYER!

My name is Oudney (!

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