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Hip-Hop Won't Be The Same: Yasiin Bey AKA Mos Def Sends Shocking Message From South Africa

When it comes to hip-hop, Mos Def is one of the most well-known and well-respected names in the industry. 

The Brooklyn native has been doing his thing on the mic since the early 90s, and he's even had a successful career in film. His socially conscious style has helped him stand out among the rest and his work has touched the hearts of people all over the world. But these days, Mos Def is going by his government name - Yasiin Bey - and he's been living a relatively low key life in South Africa for the last three years.

Recently, Bey made headlines when he was arrested while trying to leave South Africa. Apparently, his "world passport" was not recognized by immigration officials and he was taken into custody. Bey quickly released a message via his good friend Kanye West on his website in which he stated that he "committed no crime." However, that wasn't all he had to say.
Hip-Hop Won't Be The Same: Yasiin Bey AKA Mos Def Sends Shocking Message From South Africa
Black On Both Sides
Towards the end of the recording, Bey made a shocking announcement and revealed that he would be retiring from both music and movies - "effective immediately." Fans all over the world were stunned, and many have already began to hint at government conspiracy theories.

For now, all anyone has to go on is his word, and it looks like he's out of the game for good. With that being said, it's unclear whether or not his 2016 album will actually be released. One thing that's for sure is that hip-hop won't be the same without one of the dopest MCs to ever touch the mic and those who love his work hope that he changes his mind.

Listen to Yasiin Bey's message below. Do you think there is something suspicious going on?

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