• Nick Cannon Had the Perfect Response To The News Of Mariah Carey's Engagement

    One of the realest struggles in life is getting over an ex. It doesn't matter if your new beau is one hundred times better than what you had, the minute you see your ex, it's a guaranteed dagger through the heart. 

    You can rate the severity of your breakup by how may seasons of Moesha you need to binge watch in order to get over it, but if there's anything you can learn about coping with it, look no further than a comedian.
    Nick Cannon Had the Perfect Response To The News Of Mariah Carey's Engagement
    They have to make a living on being funny, and if there's anyone who can see the light side of the post-breakup life it's a comic...just take Nick Cannon for example.

    If you're like everyone else in America you thought Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were meant to be. And although their age gap means Nick Cannon will always technically be her “baby,” news of Carey's engagement to her new billionaire boyfriend is already hitting all the outlets.

    No One Is Handling It Better Than Nick
    The America's Got Talent host re-posted a hilarious meme that was grabbed from a scene of Real Husbandswith the caption “It's just a ring Nick.” Nick was taking it in stride, not only laughing about it, but wishing nothing but good things for the new couple.
    Why send flowers to well-wish an ex, when you can take a page out of Cannon's book and do it with class?


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