Giving God What is Right, Not What is Left

The way some most Christians give reminds me of trash day. Trash day in our street is on Monday morning. The big truck comes by. 

And so we start getting our collection together all week. Our Cremora milk, when it gets empty, we crush the container. The Mazoe Orange juice bottles, banana peelings, apple cores; we just throw everything in there that we do not want, and they (Madhoda Bhini as we call them) haul it away, and it is so wonderful. Did you know that too many Christians treat God in a very similar way: Madhoda Bhini. We give God what is trash.

Now let me illustrate that. In other words, when it comes time for the offering, we open up our purse or our billfold and we give God what is left. After we have paid the bills. And we really should do better than that. We should give Him the first. We pay all the bills, and then it comes time to make out money for the church and we see what is left, and we give of that. When really it should be the other way.
Giving God What is Right, Not What is Left
Come over here to Malachi the third chapter in your Bible. I would like for you to look at verse 10. Right before the New Testament. Malachi 3 and verse 10. And it says here, "Bring ye all the tithes into" what? "Into the storehouse." What is that? That’s the church. That's God’s house. "That there may be meat in My house, and" He says, "prove Me now herewith, sayeth the Lord of hosts if I will not open to you the gates of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

The tithe belongs to Who? Does it belong to me? No. It belongs to God. The offering is the appreciation that I give from my heart of what God has done for me, but the tithe doesn't even belong to me. I return it to God.
When God gives you a raise in your salary do you consume it on yourself? Or do you share it? Do you give some back to God? It belongs to Him. Do you give some as an offering? You know, every raise that we get, should increase our giving by exactly that percentage. If you get a 3.9 cost-of-living raise, your giving should go up 3.9, your tithe should go up 3.9, right? So that if God wants to bless His church, all He has to do is give you all a raise, and the church is blessed accordingly. God's plan is best. And you will never read in the Bible that Jesus was not a faithful tithe payer. He was.

He was not a robber. As a result, it is not God's plan for people to just give whatever they want to give as far as the tithe goes.

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