Live Your Legend - Oudney Patsika Talks About Living His Legend.

Imagine for a moment a world where everyone did work that made them come alive. And imagine if you were surrounded by the people who made that type of life possible.

What would that look like? How differently would you treat your server at lunch or your husband, wife or children? How much harder would you pursue the things in front of you? How much more innovation would there be? How would those around you start to treat others as a result of how you treated them?

One ripple creates another. When enough ripples intersect, you have a revolution.
Live Your Legend - Oudney Patsika Talks About Living His Legend.
Live Your Legend - Oudney Patsika Talks About Living His Legend.
Don’t be mistaken, living your legend often takes massive effort to make the transition. You’re going to ask yourself some tough questions with even more challenging answers. But is there anything more worth getting right? This is your guide to breaking free – to knowing that you lived a life of meaning.

So get ready to cover a lot of ground. We’re constantly learning, reading, traveling, exploring, connecting with others and testing everything under the sun, from rapid ultra-marathon preparation to side-hustle business prototypes and creating instant physical rapport. Every bit of it helps us better understand ourselves and how you can better push limits and put your dent in the world.

It’s time to stop sleepwalking.
The world needs it.

It starts with becoming a part of something much bigger than any one of us. This is not a journey fit for the solo traveler. There are other people who see the world the same way. Who share your beliefs. They’re on this page right now, reading this right along with you. And they’re all over the world. It turns out there are a lot of us.

You are in good company.

LEGEND: Something remarkable and noteworthy, however big or small, that somehow changes the world.

What’s your Legend? Are you living it?

We all have dreams, passions and gifts that the world desperately needs. If we aren’t adding those to the world, we aren’t living our potential and we’ll never be fully fulfilled. Not to mention we’re short changing the rest of the world! But do not worry, your legend does not have to be some earth-shattering thing – it can be anything as long as it’s meaningful to you. Maybe it is solving world hunger or simply using your talent to teach algebra to the child down the street. It is not about size or fame or recognition.

It is about putting a dent in the world that only you are capable of.

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