Change Series: Making Change work for you

The Dynamics of Change

The only thing that is constant in this world is change.
Change is the oldest reality in history from the creation story. Dealing with it has been the critical factor and common denominator in everything that we can see today. The difference between success and failure, life and death, fulfilment and frustration, third world and first world, heroes and villains is in how people have related to change. Whenever there has been no change it meant there was no life.

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: [Gen 1:28]

Change is God's idea and it was initiated by Him. After the creation of mankind, the creator blessed them and commanded them to change, use change and master change to be able to fulfill their mandate. Being fruitful involves change and it is change from within. Multiplying is change at another dimension which is refusing to monopolize and be selfish with change. Replenishing the earth was making sure that change will be seen everywhere but only the God initiated change. The final aspect was subduing the earth which meant making sure that the first family were in control of the change that was happening.
Change Series: Making Change work for you
The intrusion of the devil also was a manipulation of the dynamic of change. He knew that it was change that would make the first family realise the fulfilment of what had been spoken about them. The fall of man is on this issue of change and the world is in chaos because of a manipulation on the law of change. The serpent brought another prescription of how the first family would realise the change that they wanted to see.

Change is good or bad according to who is prescribing it and where it is being prescribed from. The one who set change in motion knows the ideal conditions that will bring change that has no end and that comes with no sorrow. Any form of change that comes with anything different from the original script will be temporal and will come to an end with death. Just to preempt what is in this series of change. Any change controlled or prescribed from outside is temporal and is guaranteed not to succeed in the long run. Begin to assess anything that never got anywhere and see that it was because of how change was initiated, where it originated from, how it was sustained.

From these few pointers I have taken this time to introduce our theme for the 2015 Arise Africa Cause 3rd Edition of the Arise Africa Annual Conference. This is an initiative that I received from the one who instituted change in the beginning. This was so that Africa may begin to learn change dynamics and be transformed to its prescribed destiny. The destiny of Africa is in our hands and it will be as good as how we will learn to work with the dynamic of change.

Our theme for this year is, 'BEING DELIBERATE WITH CHANGE' where we want to understand how Africa can realise it's full potential. Whatever is required for Africa and Africans to be all that they were made to be, which is beyond what has been realised in all the world is defined in the Word of God. No eye has seen it and No ear has heard it neither has it entered in the heart of any man. The destiny of Africa is incomparable to any current existing example, it can only  be compared to the historical original conditions in Eden or to the future prescribed destiny of the biblical New Jesusalem. We are living in economic harsh conditions and in such situations people are open to any prescribed model for change especially the quick fix ones.

It's from such a standpoint where there is a lot of disempowering activity going on. Everyone is looking for the 'powerful' Prophet, Apostle, Man of God, Politician or Investor but the true and permanent and complete change begins with the renewal of the mind. The world is ruled by ideas and as the original idea is here, THE KINGDOM OF GOD. The only way to embrace it is 'repentance'.... Changing your perception ....changing the ideas that govern your life .... Changing the way you think.....changing the way you see things. It happens when we make a choice to do so. It happens when you become DELIBERATE WITH CHANGE.

Join us in our 3rd Edition of the Arise Africa Annual Conference 2015 from the 26th October to the 1st of November. Arise Africa Cause- It's a Love Revolution.
Source: Coach Tarie

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