TIPS AND TRICKS: How To Improve Your Alexa Ranking.

I have been working extensively with Arthur Mutambara in the blogging world and yesterday I instructed him to write the 10 things that he has learned from what I taught him and this is what he wrote:

I have been working very hard to improve my Alexa ranking and it has been a great learning process. Never have I had an opportunity in my lifetime to learn as much as I have over the past two months. I am happily narrating how I achieved on the travel through a long road to success. In my own view achievement of an Alexa ranking requires hard work and dedication and it is not a one-time event. It is a continuous learning process in which negligence will be of catastrophic results.
My introduction to the blogging world has been very fast and exciting. I am greatly indebted to the tutorship of Oudney Patsika who took me through the basic tenets of blogging, especially building my Google searchability and Alexa ranking.
How To Improved Your Alexa Ranking.
The following is what Oudney Patsika taught me:

1. Writing Engaging And Original Content Articles
Oudney Patsika taught me to write attractive and unique content articles. Writing original content has empowered me to be an analytic person who can see a story within a story. I have during the course of my day to day writing developed creativity. I was assured that Google rewards quality original content and I did exactly like I was taught. I immediately got a good ranking which I am quite impressed with. I am keeping the momentum up as I see how well my ranking has improved through Alexa ranking.

2. Building Of Back links (Both Internal And External Links)
Back links have enabled me to keep track of other pages on the web that link to my posts. If I write a post that Oudney Patsika finds attention-grabbing, he would then go into his own blog and write a post of his own about it, linking back to my original post. My Blog's post would automatically show that Oudney Patsika has linked to it, and it will provide a short extract of his text and a link to his post. What this all means is that it becomes a way of intensifying the comment feature such that related discussions on other sites can be included along with the regular comments on a post.

Both links have assisted me in ensuring that the synergies pull up my name in terms of searchability. Some of the back links with established websites have pulled my blog to rank for certain words.

3. Key Words
In order for Alexa ranking improvement to take effect Oudney Patsika taught me how to make the best use of trending words within the headlines. A good example is found in my series Cecil The Lion: The Lion in You and Crucial Conversations Series. Use of key works has made me realize the real value of a word within the blogging world.

4. Learning What Works
I have made good use of statistics as given by Google Analytics. These provided me with the basic understanding of stories that could potentially go viral. Analysis of statistics assisted me in identification of what the readership wants. Learning requires patience and dedication. I learnt to do what works through continuous improvement.

5. Search Engine Optimization
I had to make use of search engine optimization and to follow best practices in maximizing output. For a favorable Alexa ranking, Oudney Patsika taught me to ensure that I always got user experiences with my site to enable improvement on areas where there may be challenges. It is not only about searchability but also user experience that matters on a site.

Satisfying my audience requirement for quality content is my number one priority. Search Engine optimization is maximized when I write compelling, engaging, informative, relevant and entertaining content. I have learnt to stand out among the rest of the bloggers. I strive to provide credible news from an authoritative resource. With Oudney Patsika’s assistance I have managed to create the kind of blogs, articles, press releases and website pages that people love to share with their friends and family. A look at my article on MH370 Debris Found will tell a different story altogether giving my readers informative reporting.

6. Thinking Outside The Box
Alexa ranking requires well-structured and well though articles. Oudney taught me how to think outside the box and hence write analytical stories for the excitement of my readership. Oudney Patsika taught me the art of thinking outside the box for diversity of views on a particular field. A recent article on which I had to use the skill of thinking outside the box was the Chitungwiza Municipality on disposing off their infrastructure to employees. We went on to provide a basis of argument giving an insight to the reader on how best the Municipality could have handled that situation.

7. Write Regularly
Ever since I started blogging, I have written consistently posting meaningfully written stories. Each time I take a walk I am now always armed with my camera and on the lookout for stories to include on my blog. Apart from having fun blogging my Alexa ranking is on the rise and it is my ambition to one day rank with the best. I will therefore continuously improve until the goal is achieved. I am writing regularly in search of excellence and perfection.

8. Capitalization of Social Media
In line with improving my Alexa ranking, with the assistance from Oudney Patsika, I have managed to set up numerous accounts linked to my blog all I have subscribed to all the major sites and have been consistently posting articles. For a good Alexa ranking Oudney recommended and assisted me in installing widgets for Twitter, Flipboard, Instagram, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest. These have proved to be very effective tools that can assist a blogger to reach out to a larger audience. These tools have different strategic approaches and are quite effective.

9. Installation of Alexa Toolbar
To facilitate the improvement of my Alexa ranking I had install an Alexa toolbar to monitor my ranking on a regular basis. This was solely to ensure that I was aware of the requirements either to shift upwards or downwards in terms of the readership requirements. My Alexa toolbar will always remind me of the ever changing requirements for quick thinking and implementation of strategies in managing my blog.

10. In order to track my Alexa ranking I had to monitor my every statistic on a regular basis to ensure that when being more aggressive is required, I shift accordingly.

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