iPhone Versus Android Argument From An iPhone Fan.

If there is a debate that is likely to end up unresolved, it has to be the iPhone versus Android argument. It is never going to be any easier to convince Android users that the iPhone is better and vice versa. However, just like any other argument, there are pros and cons to each side and as an iPhone fan, I’m going to attempt to make the case for the iOS device.

It is common knowledge that the iPhone only entered the smartphone scene about 7years ago and shook up the industry. It is the game-changing features the iPhone came with that made it stand out in the smartphone market. The iPhone original was simply in a league of its own. If you have seen the WWDC unveiling of the first iPhone you’ll agree with me on this one. Specifically that part when the late Steve Jobs made a side to side comparison of the iPhone and the other smartphones that were in the market that time. You can check the video if you haven’t watched the event before here.
iPhone Versus Android Argument From An iPhone Fan.
It was at the same event when this great quote by Steve Jobs came into being, “What we want to do is make a leapfrog product that is way smarter than any mobile device has ever been, and super easy to use. This is what iPhone is. OK? So we’re going to reinvent the phone” – Steve Jobs 2007
And reinvent the phone they did! I don’t think smartphones would have been the same without the revolutionary iPhone original. Nevertheless it did not take long for other competing brands to bring similar products into the market. We even witnessed the birth of the famous Android operating system just a year after (2008). It is also the release of the Android OS that facilitated the quick response by other smartphones to the iPhone.

Since then competition has been stiff if not fierce in the smartphone market. A considerable number of smartphone models are released on a monthly basis. It is pretty difficult these days to determine the outright best model. However there are several reasons why the iPhone still stands out in this battle of smartphones and I’m just going to explain five main reasons:
Innovation is either getting it first or getting it right, and I can confidently confirm that since the first iPhone up to the recent iPhone 6 versions, Apple has always managed to get it first on most of their features. From the multi touch gestures, push notifications, right up to the Apple Pay, it has always been about getting it first for Apple. So if you’re someone who wants to stay ahead of times in terms of technology then the iPhone is something you should consider over any other smartphone.

Apple Store 
Still speaking of getting it first, Apple’s AppStore is by far the best platform to expose yourself to the latest apps by developers. Most of the apps are usually made available on Apple’s AppStore before they eventually filter to other platforms. WhatsApp is one example of an app that was initially only available to iPhone users before it filtered out to the rest of smartphone users. In addition, the iPhone’s AppStore is not only associated with latest applications but also quality and malware-free apps. Apple’s strict app submission measures make its AppStore much cleaner than its rival platforms.
iPhone Versus Android Argument From An iPhone Fan.
Simplicity is beauty. This is the best way to describe the iPhones. If there is one thing I have always admired about Apple is their ability to design a product that is simple yet sophisticated. I remember when my sister first saw of my iPhone 3G, her first comment was, “This is beautiful!”. Apple has never ceased to impress when it comes to design. Sleek, seamless and classy are the most appropriate words to define each and every iPhone that has ever been made so far. We have all recently seen Samsung releasing new Galaxies with similar designs to that of Apple’s iPhones. Yes, if you can’t beat them join them.

Software Updates and Support 
If you’re a user of an iPhone then chances are high that your device is always up to date in terms of its Operating System. Apple makes sure all its devices have access to the latest software updates. This is different for Android, many of its users hardly get a software update unless they buy a new phone. Pretty frustrating right? But that’s not all, Android also doesn’t have a well-confined support system for its users. Apple has the most reliable and easy to use support platform for users.

Because It’s An iPhone 
Lastly but certainly not least, it’s true many people would buy an iPhones simply because it’s an iPhone. Sometimes it’s all about status and exclusivity. If there’s one thing that Apple is really good at is to make its brand exclusive. An iPhone is actually a fashion statement on its own. If you’re someone who is interested in performing gadgets without separating style from it then you’re better off with an iPhone.
Written By: Nelson Taivavashe

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