How To Prepare To Get Fired From Your Work

Getting fired from a workplace is a great possibility. One way or the other you will have to say goodbye to your workplace. Where will you go and what are you going to be doing?

I had a wonderful working life. During my working life I never waited for any of my employers to “fire” me. I never assumed life will go on and on as it was meant to be. The workplace can easily become a comfort zone to such an extent that when we are asked to leave, we become devastated and shattered.

One way to get prepared for any eventualities that may arise as a result of the unexpected happening is to think about such possibilities and start mitigating against them.
How To Prepare To Get Fired From Your Work
Take time to visit your home. Reconnect with your folks for they may provide you with a starting base you may never have expected. Never overlook anyone in your endeavor to prepare for life after work. Be humble and down to earth to everyone you meet. Everyone you meet is a potential client partner or customer. Smart partnerships may be the key to your future survival.
Find new tasks to do. When you wake up jobless one day you will realise how much time you have on your hands. It becomes important to utilise the time doing something worthwhile. Start a small garden or do some DIYs that you had always subcontracted.

Whilst in employment reduce unnecessary spending. For example, Instead of buying expensive pies at work consider simple sandwiches that you can prepare for yourself at home (they are much healthier anyway).

Be open and transparent to your family regarding your financial position. Stress during periods of unemployment may be attributable to pressure from family. If you learn to be open and transparent then when reality comes you will be prepared for it.

Learn to be self-sufficient. If you have internet at work, try to invest in yours at home. In fact for every benefit that you may have at work, try to build a model of the same facility at home. When I left work I had already invested in my own swivel chair and working desk in preparation of establishing my own office at home. I made it a habit to everyday find something to read and occupy myself with in my home office.

Learn something new. You may realise a certain skill that was always hidden in you during the time you were at work, so it is a worthwhile investment to invest in new skills.

It is of no use to sit back and complain about things you cannot change. It is important to always practice the life that you could be living in the event that you are kicked out of work.

Remember to always take casual walks. If you are driving a company car just make sure you also get used to the life of being a pedestrian. Know where the taxis to your area are. Always be in touch with the your colleagues who know how to navigate their way through the back roads in case of a crisis.

Remember to always learn the experience of having to shop at the small grocery shop. The time for shopping at big supermarkets and malls may be over one day.

If all of us were prepared to simplify our lives I do not think losing a job would be headline news.

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