Tell God To Break It.

BREAK IT: Two brothers where born as twins.
They loved each other and grew together living with their grandmother because their parents had died on a car accident. As they grew together, the older twin became in love with the things of the world, he was eager to be rich and to own expensive things but the other twin was a person who believed in God, he would go to church with his grandma. One day the older twin decided to go to a traditional doctor to asked 4 help so that he can become rich.

The traditional doctor told him to bring his twin brother's shirt, and he gave him a still to hang the shirt in a traditional doctor's hut. After doing what he was told to do he started excelling, he became rich and he owned everything he wanted. As he continued becoming rich, his twin brother became very poor staying with his grandma.
Tell God To Break It.
He kept on asking himself what was happening to his life but his grandma kept on encouraging him to pray and believe God to do something. Until­­ one day as he was sleeping, he dreamt seeing his twin brother taking his shirt to a traditional doctor and hang it in his hut. The next morning he went to his brother and he told him about the dream he had, his brother fell down, as the traditional doctor had told that his younger brother must not discover about what he had done, because he would die.

After the brother came back to his senses,he started crying and he told his twin brother everything he had done for him to be rich. The younger twin prayed very hard until God answered him and the curse was broken and everything went back to normal, he started to prosper in Christ.

There are things which are done behind your back, some people might be planing to bring you down in life and you don't know maybe when you where born, some dedicated your life to ancestral spirits or maybe they made a covenant against you with the devil for you not to prosper in life. That is why your life is not going very well.

No one can break those curses and covenants for you, but God! Make a choice today, and tel God to break it!


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