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The War Against Drugs And Drug Abuse.

Ever seen a pair of shoes, especially sneakers hanging on power lines? Have You ever wondered who in the world might have put the shoes?

Today I took a stroll around my neighbourhood of Zengeza and made a shocking discovery. I discovered two pairs of shoes hanging on power lines. My instinct told me to immediately take pictures of the shoes. Just as I had finished taking a picture I scoured the area around the power lines and observed empty bottles of Broncleer, a cough mixture.
The War Against Drugs And Drug Abuse.
The War Against Drugs And Drug Abuse.
The Drug Problem Around Zengeza.
Broncleer is a cough mixture that contains a substance codeine phosphate. This substance when taken in excess causes a person to get high. The label on the bottle clearly states that an overdose or abuse of codeine phosphate could lead to respiratory depression, constipation, restlessness, sedation, nausea, vomiting, skeletal muscle flaccidity, bradycardia, hypo-tension and death. It is this substance that youths in the area of Zengeza are taking as a cheap way of getting high.

Empty bottles of Broncleer were apparently abundant in the area where the shoes are hanging on the power lines. I made the same observation in Zengeza 3 a couple of days back and this confirmed my suspicion of the link between the shoes and the drug.

Shoes On The Power Lines and Empty Broncleer Bottles, What is the Connection?

My two observations had common features. Interestingly I also spoke to a lady residing near the same area where the shoes were hanging and was informed that the shoes are a sign that there is a drug lord around that vicinity of the shoes.
The War Against Drugs And Drug Abuse.
The War Against Drugs And Drug Abuse.
The Battle Against Drugs and Drug Abuse.
It is disheartening to note that the fight against drugs appears to be a losing battle. Communities know everything about who is who within the drugs circles. The policemen and women live amongst communities and are aware of the underworld dealings. I also happened to get confidential information that civil servants who do cross boarder shopping into Mozambique and South Africa are culprits in the importation and distribution of illegal drugs.
Drug lords and drug peddlers live amongst us. They are humans. They are our relatives and friends. We know these people. I had relatives who smuggled these drugs too. Is it not time to stand up and fight for the future generation's survival?

Say No To Drugs.
The time has come to put a stop to behaviours that destroy our moral fibre. Let us all stand up and say no to drugs.
The War Against Drugs And Drug Abuse.
Next time you see a pair of shoes hanging on power lines be aware that you are entering a drug peddler zone. You never know who the next addict is going to be. It may be someone close. We all have a duty to protect each other. By Arthur Mutambara.

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