Legends Habits: Simple Acts Of Kindness Can Change A Life.

Having worked at a private school in Lesotho, where the proprietor scoundered school funds and therefore fail to pay teachers, a friend and I decided to go it alone.

We did not have any money to start a school, we approached one gentleman who had a thriving transport business to join us as a third partner, he did and lent the business R 2500 security deposit for the rental of a disused school. Within three months, we were up and running and had over a hundred students and eight members of staff. At the beginning of the first quarter almost every teacher who would come out of the 'Form A Class' would be raving about one student who was really excelling at his studies, that is how I got to know Itumeleng David Mahamo.

Legends Habits: Simple Acts Of kindness Can Change A Life.
He was a slight thirteen year old boy, shy in demeanour and we later discovered he was the youngest among three siblings headed by a single mother. The mother worked as a house maid in South Africa and could not afford to come home regularly to see to the welfare of her children.

At the beginning of the second quarter we discovered that Itu, as he was affectionately known was not coming to school, we asked the teacher in-charge of his form to find out his where abouts and learnt that he did not have school fees for the quarter therefore he had to drop out and resort to vending in order to make ends meet.

The members of staff together with school management agreed to sponsor this deserving student hence from them on his tuition fees would be met by the school and all his family had to do was buy his uniform and pay examination fees. This arrangement went on despite the fact that our landlady would sometimes come and throw us out of her premises because of late payment of rentals.

Sadly at the end of the two years in which the school was in existence, but after he had sat for and aced the Lesotho junior certificate examination, the school folded.

We later learnt the daughter of the head of the church he attended took up the baton and sent him to high school ,unfortunately I do not know how well he performed but it gladdens my heart to know that we were able to take one child off the street .

Imagine what difference we would collectively make if we perform simple acts of kindness to others who are less fortunate than ourselves.(To Be continued...)
By: Patrick Gwangwara.

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