2015 a bad year for beasts in Zimbabwe Inbox

Imagine a two year old being separated from its mother and flown millions of miles away from it local habitat. It isn't the figment of my imagination because this is what happened in the first quarter of the year when a group of two year old baby elephants where bought and flown to China, never to set foot in the country of their birth nor see their birth mothers again.
2015 a bad year for beasts in Zimbabwe Inbox
One can imagine the trauma first the separation, then being quarantined far away from family and friends. The horror of all horrors being darted, loaded into a box and put on a plane to be flown overseas. Whether the weather will be harsh or kind will be seen when they get there.

Then there is the infamous story of our wildlife's star attraction, lured out of his environment to be arrowed then butchered for the two seconds of thrill for a dentist from the USA. Of course there was a hue and cry over him since the loss in potential revenue is huge.Cecil was not the first no will he be the last of our four legged citizens to fall at the hands of wealthy,well equipped individuals.
The story of the decimation of our horned friend ,the black Rhino is a perennial soap opera because no matter how strict the controls at the game parks are poachers seem to get at them for their horns.

And in the past three months ,poisoned traps have been set and the hapless Hyena caught to be butchered and burnt by the villagers and a few well armed game ranchers .The only reason being that they did what comes naturally to them,kill and eat a few goats as well as scare a few children,is that really just cause for the them to be hunted to the point of extinction.

It seems as if we are taking out our frustrations at a non-performing economy at our four legged friends.
By: Patrick Gwangwara

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