In 9.58 Seconds: Target and Intense Focus

Usain Bolt, is the world’s fastest man. The 100m Sprint is often the standard for speed, and the world record holder is labeled "the world's fastest man". I remember staying up late one night to watch Usain Bolt come into the limelight on a television broadcast. To most people it was just another record that had tumbled. I immediately knew a lot could be done and accomplished in seconds. I set out to discover ways of improving my focus.

The following write up intends to share the lessons that we can learn from being the world's fastest man.
Usain Bolt, is the world’s fastest man.
Target and Intense Focus: The thrill of a race for athletes encourages them to step out of their comfort zones and push them through their limits. The atmosphere gets them to do things they would otherwise would not do.

It is very important to always ask of yourself, "What is it that I am targeting on". Once you answer that question, you will then be able to start focusing intensely.Your target is the most important thing. If you don’t know your target, you don’t know what’s significant.

When you know your target, you can figure out how you’re going to get there, what you’re going to need to accomplish along the way, and what new things you’ll need to learn or experiment with. Until then, you’re going to keep flailing around.
Never try to focus intensely at nothing. Have a target. Gone are the days of general dealing.

You need to know where you are headed: Pushing yourself to your limits requires prioritization and motivation. The athletes target is to complete the race and beat the set record. When you don’t know where you’re headed or when you have too many goals you will end up chasing too many targets. Having a target, and intense focus, not only transforms the way you work but the way others perceive your character..

I have been in contact with many people who come to me saying they don’t know what to focus on, they don’t know how to avoid distractions. They struggle with what to prioritize. In my opinion, these problems all stem from not knowing what your target is.

And if you don’t know what’s most significant, it’s only because you haven’t chosen what’s most important. You have to decide because you’re in charge.

Time: A lot can happen in 9.58 seconds. It takes less than a minute to complete 100 metres. What are you doing with your time? Do you set targets to be met within a set period of time? Breaking records requires hard work and time. An athlete not only aims to complete the race but also do best against previously set time.

Time management requires intense focus on the task at hand. The athletes are always so intensely focused on the race that they are not easily distracted. Whatever you focus on in your life remember to stay intensely focused and do your best. Refuse to accept mediocrity. If you have to do a simple report at work or write some proposal, do it at your best. Remember whatever you do with focus attracts the interest of the crowds.

Let us all go out there to set targets and accomplish them. We are all on a divine mission to do something. Target and focus intensely.

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