Self Improvement And The Vendor #3

I have had a very interesting discussion with some friends over the 20000 sackings by employers over, the past few weeks.

What set it off was the fact that it is alleged that one sacked employee took his life after being handed the letter notifying him of his dismissal. Upon reaching home the overwrought former employee promptly hung himself.
Self Improvement And The Vendor
One of my colleagues mentioned that this was justifiable given the prevailing harsh economic conditions. No matter what ones situation is life is,ending ones life is not just. It is cowardly and a derivation of ones loved ones of a spouse, husband, brother or son. People should not try and take out the action that seems to offer the least form of resistance.
Which led us to start a discussion on self - improvement. If one believes that securing employment is the be all and end all ,when they lose it that is when they end up taking such drastic measures which only complicate matters for the living. People need to actively seek to improve themselves while working for the sake of self actualisation, apart from making it easier to move on should the employee release one. Most people have the tendency for wallowing in their comfort zone only to be left scrambling when the axe falls.
By: Patrick Gwangwara

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