Cecil The Lion: Lessons for You and For Me.

I recently made a personal request to Arthur Mutambara to write articles which are in alignment with our Tiyambuke International Christian Convention theme 'Footprints of The Legends.' to be hosted by Apostle Sibiya in the first week of September this year 2015 and he got inspired to write a series about 'The Lion In You.' I hope you will follow his new series.

CNN reports that Dr. Walter Palmer the Minnesota Dentist has gone underground in the onslaught of criticism after he killed a prized Zimbabwean lion named Cecil.

The recent killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe aroused a lot of backlash from the international community. In 2012, elder Donald Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, hunted and killed animals in Africa and even posed with the carcasses of dead animals they hunted.

There are important characteristics of a lion that remind me of how each one of us is a Lion. These great creatures are the only big cats to live in groups, called prides. Prides are close family groups. They work together to defend territory and hunt.
Cecil The Lion: Lessons for You and For Me.
Cecil The Lion: Lessons for You and For Me.
Place yourself in a group or team. It is in these groups that common minds are allowed to come together and share common ideas, beliefs and experiences. Be in a pride and take your position within that pride. Wake up each day and enquire within yourself what you need to do as an individual and for the group.

Maintain your close family groups. There is a reason and special purpose why you were born in that family.

Work Together To Defend Territory And Hunt
It is important that each one of us works together to defend territories. In defending territories I mean defending our interests. A team that is able to work towards a goal in the face of challenges is bound to achieve its goals and objectives. It becomes easier for a smart partnership to look out for opportunities and exploit them.

Yes Cecil The Lion is no more. Are you not killing the Lion in others? Is the Lion in you still alive?

As a dedication to the Cecil The Lion I will shortly be writing a series of articles called 'The Lion In You.' The objective is to draw your attention to how powerful you are on planet Earth.
By Arthur Mutambara

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