Think Globally About Zengeza Or Chitungwiza.

I have had the privilege to know some young guns who are quietly and unassumingly making a huge impact on the lives of people in Zengeza.

One of them is Mr Arthur K Mutambara, I first met him 29 years ago when I used to instruct him, he was in form 3 then and one lasting impression is when he stood up and asked health officials who had visited the school, "why to my utter amazement I do not seem to grow tall and yet I eat a balanced diet?" Until the day I left that institution he was known by the teachers as "Utter Amazement"
Think Globally About Zengeza And Chitungwiza.
Fast-forward 29 years, this happily married father of two has made this huge impact on my life. I am not easily impressed, I am a cynic to put it mildly but when someone who is well educated ,worldly (he has travelled the world) and articulate, challenges you to change the way you see, do things and in the process inspires you to get out of your comfort zone, then one cannot help but applaud.
Vending has become a way of life for most in Zimbabwe, it takes a special type of person to try and break the circle of dispare and take the difficult route of producing from the abundant land at our disposal (the mindset among our folk is that if one has two university degrees then they should not be working on the land). Most bemoan the shortage of government support but yoyng man has managed to produce maize,giant rape and pigs to feed his family as well as his neighbours.What is unique about him in this cut-throat environment we are living is that he does not hoard information about his endeavours, he shares of his time, knowledge and effort thus transforming this OUR BELOVED TOWN (Zengeza and Chitungwiza) into a greenzone.

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