Tinashe Marodza To Launch An Album.

Tinashe Marodza a gospel upcoming power-house is ready to invade Zimbabwe with the launch of his new album 'Hapana Chinokumirima.' I came across Tinashe Marodza when I was taking my casual walk and took advantage of this meeting to ask him questions about his upcoming album launch.

Tinashe Marodza And Rudaviro
The Chitungwiza based young man says he is excited about the album launch which he has titled 'Hapana Chinokumiria.' Tinashe said nothing waits for those who are complacent and lazy to make a move. 'This album is meant to motivate and encourage people to take action.' said Tinanshe in a humble tone. 'I am ready and prepared to launch my album and I know that with the help of God, this album will go far. I also promise my fans fireworks.' Tinashe went on to add.
Tinashe Marodza
Tinashe Marodza To Launch An Album.
Experience In The Gospel Arena.
Tinashe Marodza has been part of great bands like “Xtreme Afrique”, the inter-denominational choir that houses some of the big names in the musical sector which included musical greats like Mathias Mhere, Lyton Ngolomi, Innocent Shumbahuru, Bethany Pasinawako, Rumbidzai Zvirikuzhe and Agartha Murudzwa. All these artists are renowned gospel musicians, in their own right.
He did some rounds at Lyt-On Studios owned by music producer Lyton Ngolomi, who is married to and manages gospel diva Bethen Pasinawako-Ngolomi. Lyton Ngolomi is the producer behind the success story of the gospel greats like Mathias Mhere and Blessing Shumba.
Tinashe Marodza
Tinashe Marodza To Launch An Album.
Lyton Ngolomi who is not a small man when it comes to producing music was Mathias Mhere’s first producer when the musician released his debut album 'Anoita Minana.' This Album signaled Mathias' arrival on the local showbiz scene in 2012. Lyton also boasts of recording big names in the gospel music circles such as Blessing Shumba, Mathias Mhere, Sebastian Magacha, Olinda Marowa, Kudzi Nyakudya, Rumbi Zvirikuzhe, Joyce Simeti, Fortunate Kwaramba, Agatha Murudzwa, and Bethen among others. This means Tinashe Marodza has been swimming with 'The Big Fish' in the gospel industry and confidently encourages his fans to expect an album that is not only be thrilling but also captivating and different.

Working With Mathias Mhere.
Tinashe Marodza who has also spent several years working as a backing vocalist for Mathias Mhere says he decided to go into the studio and record his debut seven-track album. The album was produced by veteran music producer and gospel musician, Jonathan Mgazi.
Tinashe Marodza To Launch An Album.
Tinashe Marodza currently serves at Dream-life International Ministries in Chitungwiza, under the mentor-ship of Bishop Godfrey Rosi.

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