Truths You Need To Accept To Move Forward.

Whilst relationships are the best human attachments there could ever be, it may also be the worst for some people. You see, not everything stays the same in time. Sometimes, we tend to defy the truth and just hang on the lies, hiding us from a much happier place. One thing everyone deserves.

Bad break ups happen to everyone. There’s no denying that. But this doesn’t mean you have to linger on that era and drown yourself with all the negative strands of life you are hanging on to. YOU NEED TO MOVE FORWARD.

This may seem easier said than done, but this is the only way to recover, attract positive stuffs, and just start over on a fresh ground. You need not to wait for the memories to fade. You need not to wait for the feelings to magically change. You need not to wait for nothing. YOU NEED TO LEARN TO LOVE AGAIN, and the first on your list should be YOURSELF.
Truths You Need To Accept To Move Forward.
If this doesn’t help you out yet, here are some truths you need to tell, or remind yourself:

1. Your appearance ≠ your worth. These two can be confusing, but don’t give in. Being there, but not actually being seen is one of the most horrible cracks of life. But this does not define you. I know there will be that point where you would entertain the idea that you were dumped because, you don’t actually look good enough and that equates unworthiness. Well, let me correct that. You have to realize that your worth has got nothing to do with how you look, or how others treat you. In fact, it is not dependent on anything at all. You are always worthy of all the good things in life, regardless of the many indescribable reasons and paradigms there is. You are worth more than gold. *wink.

2. You are not alone. If you believe that you are the only one suffering from a very bad break up, well, think again. There are people who were physically hurt, morally degraded and treated even worse. Yes, there are. And in one or another, one of them may have suffered worst heartaches than you, but still chose to move on and live life the way they want it to be. I’m not telling you to walk up to them, ask them how they got through or whatever. I’m telling you to stand up and prove that this pace didn’t beat you, it just made you stronger.
3. It’s alright to be on your own. Remember how you always clung to Dad when you are still not good enough to swim? Remember how scared you were to go on your own a few inches away? And how you have finally got the courage to explore the water on your own? Well, you need that courage now. It’s okay to be on your own. You don’t have to continue clinging. Strive to swim and one day, you will realize how wonderful it is to create your own waves, with anyone else but you.

4. Everybody is insecure. You find it hard to move on because you think you were left because you are not like everyone else; you are less. Well, think again. Every day, you meet people and you think they are well composed and secured, but they are not. We are all living Pinocchios. Everyone is faking it till it becomes real. So why not try it out too? Fake your confidence and sooner, you’ll see where it takes you.

5. Accept it. There’s no better way to take this all in but to simply accept it and move forward. It happened. You were hurt. It’s just a pace. All you have to do is to heal yourself and brace it for this might happen again, with a better and more prepared you.

6. Someone will come. When one door closes, another opens up. So when someone leaves, be thrilled to know that someone else is bound to come. Help yourself prepare for his/her coming. Heal your wounds so you may be able to embrace that someone without loopholes. And maybe, just maybe, he will embrace you back.

7. Truth hurts. This is a universal truth. There is nothing you can or you should do about it, but to feel it. Let it pass over you. After all, pain demands to be felt. (Thanks to The Fault In Our Stars)

8. Love doesn’t run out. If there’s one thing I am certain about, it is that we will never run out of love. We can always give as much as we want and never have to worry we might not be able to give anymore, because love is a lifetime thing. It replenishes itself voluntarily and just fill every living creature. So love yourself over a million times. Nobody will ever do it perfectly to yourself but you. *wink

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