If Your Man Doesn’t Have These Traits, Don’t Marry Him.

It’s the most magical night ever, romantic music was playing somewhere, and everything was moving slow motion. Suddenly he gets down on one knee and ask you that one question you’ve been waiting to hear. But before you give him that answer, or go husband hunting, get your head out in the cloud for a moment and think again.

1. Attraction. Let’s be honest here, sexual attraction is important because it helps develop the intimacy between the two of you and of course, you need it to procreate. But not everything is about sex, no matter how amazing it is. The attraction between the two of you must go beyond the physical sense. Like, he’d still want to kiss you first thing in the morning in all your morning breath glory. He’d still find you beautiful, even if your nose is dripping and you haven’t washed your hair in a week. That goes the same for you too, I mean I love the smell of my husband even if he’s all sweaty from playing basketball.
 If Your Man Doesn’t Have These Traits, Don’t Marry Him.
2. Financially Stable and Reliable. Does he have a job? Does he know how to handle money wisely? Although his money can’t buy you love and happiness, you’ll both need it to survive. You have to pay the bills, you need to buy food and clothing among other things. And when you’ll have kids, the list just goes on and on. He must also be reliable. You need to be able to trust him to take on his responsibilities and not abandon you if the ship’s about to sink.

3. Loving and Kind. When a man loves a woman unconditionally and truthfully, he’ll remain faithful and be completely honest with her. He’d be able to comfort you and make you laugh when things are going bad. Despite the busy schedule, he should always make it a priority to have quality time with you. He must also be able to show affection and kindness not only to you, but to family and friends as well. And pets, because I’m an animal lover.

4. Share the Same Values. They say that opposite attracts, it may be for other things, but if you have very different outlooks and beliefs you’ll end up arguing with almost everything. It helps to know that you are on the same page and your goals are completely in sync with each other. You want to be with someone whom you greatly respect and admire. Someone that your kids can look up to as a role model.

5. Confident and Motivated. Someone who has good self-esteem is humble and isn’t afraid to admit to his mistakes. He won’t feel threatened by you if your career is doing great, instead he’ll celebrate with you and encourage you to go further. He brings the best in you without being controlling or possessive. I mean I wouldn’t be able to finish writing this article if it hadn’t been for my husband. *wink wink*

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