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Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Marriage.

If the couple has been married long enough, whether in an expensive or a simple way, celebrating anniversaries is a way to remind them why they’re together in the first place. But the worst thing if you start to ignore your anniversaries as the years go on, attitude changed, or even start ignoring or complaining your partner. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. 
Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Marriage.

Here are 9 Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Marriage:

  • Forget its your anniversary. It is rare for girls to forget or disregard anniversaries, it is more so for boys. If you overlooked special day before then please try not to ever do it again. Better make the plans now, and if ever the inevitable happens, make sure you try to get your way out of it. Or you might just spend anniversary on your own.
  • Gag gifts before anniversary. So you can’t wait for your day, can you? Most girls take their anniversaries very seriously, you shouldn’t try to make a laugh out of it. She might put a lot of effort into it and she expects you to do the same. And like I said save it for April fools.
  • Force your partner to do something he/she hates. Especially for the girls, don’t coerce your partner to do watch that cheesy romantic comedy and get upset when he falls asleep halfway through the movie. This day is not only for you and your whims. This day is for the both of you to spend time together. Best to pick an activity you both enjoy doing.
  • Overlook your personal hygiene. Even if you’re married for years, don’t ward off any oncoming romance by your unpleasant bouquet or smelly breath. Don’t forget to brush your teeth, use mouthwash. Don’t put too much perfume though. Shave if you must.
  • Remind your partner about her diet. Don’t deprive your partner of her cravings for chocolates or take notice of her binging on her favorite desserts. Don’t even joke about how many minutes on the treadmill she has to do afterwards. Consider it as a cheat day.
  • Coupons. There are a lot of promotions and budget deals in commercial holidays which is very helpful when you are on a very tight budget. But have the courtesy of not telling her you choose the venue for your date because it’s a reasonably priced buffet.
  • Cheap perfume, fake flowers and fake jewelries. Well, unless she is allergic to pollen, then you can give her fake ones. And don’t think your wife won’t notice the difference between cheap perfumes and good quality perfumes because they do.
  • Be late or stood someone up. Finding time with your partner is already a great gift in itself. If you have other important plans or business matters to attend to on your date, make sure you won’t be late. It might be better if you talk to your partner ahead of time to reschedule your date and promise to make it up to her or him next time, than make your partner wait for who knows how long.
  • Have a fight or break-up. According to statistics, married couple with lots of miscommunication has 60% chance of likely to divorce. That certainly is ironic. In the name of love, put down both your egos and try to make-up. But if the relationship really is going shaky or downhill, try to communicate and discuss it with your partner
You might want to share it to your friends and their partner, so they don’t screw it up. Do it in a very subtle way, of course. We hope none of these ever happened to you, and hope you have a happy marriage life!

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