How To Keep Him Happy Without Being Miss Perfect.

Falling in love is easy, keeping that chemistry going is another story. It’s not a matter of being the perfect or ideal girl, but the willingness to keep your love going.
How To Keep Him Happy Without Being Miss Perfect.

So here are ways to keep him feeling happy and putting that spark back in your relationship:

KEEP THAT SMILE. Not only that it makes us more attractive, but smiling as we all know is contagious. A part of our brain, the cingulate cortex, has an unconscious automatic response to smile if we feel happy or mimicking another’s smile. So if you’re smiling at him, he can’t help but smile back. And now that you’re at it, why don’t you throw him a punch line and give him a playful wink as well.

How To Keep Him Happy Without Being Miss Perfect.
LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GOOD. You may say that “if he really loves me, he wouldn’t care what I look like “and I totally agree, but it wouldn’t hurt to look and feel pretty once in a while.
It doesn’t mean that you have to cover yourself in make-up, sometimes loose powder and a lip gloss goes a long way. Remember a man loves a woman who carries herself well and is confident about herself.

How To Keep Him Happy Without Being Miss Perfect.
FLATTERY GETS US SOMEWHERE. As much as we like hearing sweet nothings from our beaus, they also want to hear it from us. Telling him that he looks good in his new shirt or how he’s rocking that new haircut will not just make him feel good, but also reassures that you’re still attracted to him. Men don’t often get compliments so it makes them happy hearing that their efforts are well appreciated. Saying that you love spending time with him makes him feel like you’re not after his looks or his status quo but his personality and character.
How To Keep Him Happy Without Being Miss Perfect.
LET HIM BE THE GENTLEMAN. Although most men will say that they like an independent woman, they also want to feel needed and respected. Don’t refuse him when he offers to carry your things for you or don’t hesitate to ask him to pick you up from work if you’re working late. And don’t forget to say thank you when he opens that stubborn jar for you. Read More Here

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