Things Not to Say to Your Boyfriend Unless You Want to Drive Him Crazy.

It can be tempting to forget that conversations with your boyfriend sometimes require a different approach to chats with your best girl-friend, and there are some things not to say to your #boyfriend if you want to keep him happy!

Whilst I’m not suggesting you hold back on how you feel, you should try to rein in your inner crazy if it comes knocking during your #relationship, and these things not to say to your boyfriend will help keep you on the right track!

1. “Where Are You?”

Whether you’ve been dating for 3 weeks or 3 years, nobody likes to feel like they’re being constantly checked up on. If he’s close to you, the chances are he’ll volunteer where he is and what he’s doing with his day, but constantly questioning him about his whereabouts is one of the #things not to say to your boyfriend!
Things Not to Say to Your Boyfriend Unless You Want to Drive Him Crazy.

2. “Do You Love Me?”

Questioning someone’s #affection isn’t an attractive quality, and the chances are you already know the answer to this question from the things he does and the way he speaks to you. If he hasn’t told you he loves you yet, you can test the waters by telling him you love him first (be brave!), but don’t go pleading for reassurance every 5 minutes, as nothing is guaranteed to annoy a #man more!

3. “What Are You Thinking?”

Women like to sit down and talk about their feelings – well, most of the #time anyway. Guys on the other hand tend to keep their thoughts and feelings private until they feel the need to speak. Constantly badgering your #man to find out what he’s thinking about not only makes you look needy, it makes him feel stifled and pressured too. Let him come to you when he wants to speak and leave him to it if he’s quiet – go and have fun and you can be sure he’ll be ready to talk later!

4. “Do I Look Fat?”

This is another needy comment that we’re all guilty of making from time to #time. Whether or not you actually think you look fat and need some reassurance or are just looking for your boyfriend to tell you how beautiful you #look, you should keep your lips firmly sealed and avoid annoying your boyfriend with this question! It looks like you’re digging for compliments and believe me, if he wants to #compliment you, he will!

5. “Is the New Girl at Work Prettier than Me?”

Chances are, your #boyfriend will work with some girls – some of whom might be attractive! But just because the new #girl at his work has all his colleagues drooling, doesn’t mean you have any reason to be jealous and digging for compliments. You trust your #man, so show it by acting cool when he mentions he had lunch with the work crowd and the new girl was there. Remember, he’s with you, so he must think you’re #beautiful, and you have no reason to feel threatened by anyone he works with!

6. “Do You Have to Go out with the Boys?”

Whining and pouting whenever your other half has organized a night out with his friends isn’t a good idea, and it’s guaranteed to drive your #man crazy! Everyone needs time with their friends to have fun, and provided he’s also spending time with you and you’re both happy, then what’s the problem? It’s easy to feel jealous and paranoid that he’ll meet someone on a guy’s night out, but in reality the time away from you will probably make him miss and appreciate you even more! So let him have his space, and organize #time with your girl-friends too, after all, you need to have fun too!

7. “You Never Spend Any Time with Me”

I’m quite guilty of saying this to my #boyfriend, and whilst sometimes it’s justified, often it’s just because I’ve had a bad day and I want him to come and cheer me up. It’s important that you’re open with each other about how much time you expect to spend together – if he wants to see you only on the weekends and you’re an every night at each other’s place kind of #girl, things are never going to work out. Make sure you both have a clear idea of each other’s needs and do your best to enjoy the #time you do spend together. When you both have busy schedules, remember that quality is better than quantity!
Hopefully, you’re not guilty of saying any of these things to your man on a regular basis, although if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably said most of them at least once! Try to think about how you would feel if your boyfriend said any of these #things to you, and you’ll see just how annoying it can be! What things have you said to your #man that drives him crazy?

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