HOLY WATER HORROR! Women’s cleansing goes wrong.

A LONELY woman visited umthandazi to get rid of the dark cloud which she fears turned family and friends against her. She and two relatives were steaming and praying over hot holy water. But the cleansing ceremony went wrong.

The pot jumped off the paraffin stove, spilling boiling water over them

A tokoloshe has been blamed!

Zamile Shinga (51) of KwaMakhutha, south of Durban has burn wounds and is groaning in pain after Friday morning’s horror.
Women’s cleansing goes wrong.
She told the SunTeam her bad luck began when her brother’s wife accused her of evil three years ago and some of her family sided with the woman.

“We didn’t speak or visit each other. Neighbours stopped coming to my house. I didn’t know what I had done to them,” said Zamile.

Then a friend told her that local umthandazi Sibonelo Mthombo could get rid of all her bad luck.

“Mthombo told me I had to steam my entire body under a blanket with my face over the boiling water.

“My sister Nomusa Shinga (36) accompanied me. Mthombo’s fiancee Zibuyile Nkwanyana and I decided to steam together.

“The pot jumped as if it was kicked.

“The water burnt us.”

Mthombo said he believed a tokoloshe kicked the pot.

“We prayed to get rid of the evil following them.”

Zamile said she won’t stop going to Mthombo or steaming. “It seems the cleansing is working as some of my neighbours who didn’t set foot in my house for years came to see me after hearing about my ordeal,” she said.

Zamile’s sister Nomusa said: “The strange part is the pot fell only after we jumped out of the blanket.”

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