The weirdest sex accidents.

Sex is a wonderful thing for 2 people or more however like all other physical activities it comes with some risk of injury. We look at unbelievable stories of accidents that happened to people while having or as a result of sex.

Car Crash Penis Bite - In 2009, a Chinese secretary was taking a little oral dictation from her boss in his parked car. Unfortunately for them, a van changed into reverse and crashed hard into their back bumper while having "Road head". The impact snapped the woman's jaws closed, severing her paramour's pecker. He jumped out screaming, but things just got worse as the whole thing was witnessed by a private eye who had been hired by the woman's husband to catch her cheating.
The weirdest sex accidents.
Couple Gets Stuck Together During Water Sex - In October of 2014, an Italian couple were getting it on in the ocean near the town of Porto San Giorgio when they noticed something odd. He couldn't pull his unit out. The combination of his unusual engorgement combined with contractions in her vaginal muscles caused his penis to get stuck. The couple were taken to the hospital where she was given an injection to dilate her uterus and relax her muscles.

Saber Saw Dildo - A couple in Prince Georges County, Maryland took wanted to spice things up which led to the emergency room. The unnamed woman was persuaded by her boyfriend to let him operate a machine consisting of a rubber dildo connected to the blade of a saber saw. He stuffed it in her and then turned the saw on, only to have the blade cut right through the artificial penis and seriously damage her vagina.

Threesome Car Crash - a Chinese man named Chung Yeh, who decided to bring two female paramours into his car in Wenzhou for a little vehicular threesome. Unfortunately for Yeh, during the festivities someone kicked the parking brake, causing the car to start rolling downhill. The car smashed into a tree, trapping both of the women inside.
Penis Extension Breaks - In 2008 a Russian man went to a doctor and had a prosthetic extension fitted onto the end of his penis to give his wife more pleasure in the bedroom. Unfortunately, during a particularly wild session of lovemaking, the prosthetic popped off the tip and got itself lodged in his wife's vagina. She was rushed to the hospital where they managed to get it out, but ended up filing for divorce after the whole embarrassing ordeal was over.

Couple Falls Out of Window - A couple in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan started having a steamy session against the glass window of their apartment in 2013. Unfortunately, the glass used for windowpanes in Chinese housing complexes isn't particularly durable, so the pane gave way and sent both man and woman falling to their death on the pavement below, still locked together.

Hickey Paralysis - In 2011 a 44-year-old woman in New Zealand, who was sent to the hospital just by making out was indulging in some heavy petting with her lover when he leaned into her neck and started giving her a serious hickey. A day or so later, she was watching television when all of a sudden she couldn't move her left arm. At the hospital, doctors were perplexed by the cause of this sudden paralysis until one noticed that the bruise from the hickey was right over a major artery in her neck. The force of the love bite created a clot in the artery, which traveled to the woman's heart and gave her a stroke.

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