Tsikamutanda (Exorcist) healed and turns to Jesus Christ.

Munyaradzi Magora a popularly known exorcist locally dubbed Tsikamutanda was healed by God through the medium of the Anointing Oil despite the fact that he is from the dark kingdom. He narrated how he got the title and disclosed some of the deepest secrets they used in their trade.

He used to move around from house to house, village to village, city to city and around countries claiming to expose witches and their tools of trade causing a lot of commotion and hatred amongst brethren, neighbours and families. He took after his elder brother who initiated him into the trade along with a couple of more people. The initial plan was to start a white garment church which they did but decided to change after their visit to Malawi where they went to seek more powers from traditional healers there.

Whilst in Malawi they went through various initiation processes which included incisions on their bodies. He also narrated how they reaped people off their hard earned cash, livestock and valuables in the name of exorcism. They had illusive juju which they used which made people to see things that were non- existent. For instance they could visit a village and accuse someone of being a witch and threaten to expose their tools of trade. This illusive juju would be used to ‘create’ objects or animals like hyenas, snakes and others which are associated with witchcraft. The animals would not be in existence but they were made to appear in the eyes of those around them. The people around would visualise non-existing creatures. They would even “help” remove things that “enemies” might have planted in their homes for a fee although those things would not be existing in reality. They would claim 5 beasts or more before they “cleanse” people’s homes ripping people off their hard earned cash for things that do not exist, things that they would have created.

The worst part of their evil acts involved false accusations on innocent people who were labelled witches yet they never practised or possessed any tools or creatures of witchcraft. Such methods meant that if a headman invites an exorcist to cleanse a village the exorcist would ‘create’ non-existing witchcraft creatures, tools and objects in the eyes of the gathered village upon a homestead he chose, normally from one who had the potential to pay a fine for practising witchcraft. They would make ordinary tree-bark threads or walking sticks turn into snakes in the eyes of the gathering. According to Munyaradzi several people were innocently forced to pay hefty fines of cattle to the Chiefs and Village Headmen when ‘found’ with witchcraft creatures in the homesteads.

Some people as we speak were deported from their villages because they were ‘found’ with witchcraft tools. That means personal vendettas could lead to the invitation of such evil people in a village in order to settle personal differences. On another note such evil people would simply decide to make wealth by moving in villages claiming to remove witchcraft creatures and cleanse their homesteads of evil spirits yet nothing changing. Upon such invitations Munyaradzi among others in the same trade would make witchcraft creatures appear in the eyes of the family members and make them believe that all the family problems were a result of such creatures and pay heavily with herds of cattle or hard earned cash for a ‘job well done’ only to discover later that the same problems still exist.
Tsikamutanda (Exorcist) healed and turns to Jesus Christ.
Munyaradzi took ill and he believed no witch had power over him and whatever was bothering him could be solved medically. He went to one of the biggest hospitals in Harare where various tests were done on him but no ailment was found in him despite the fact that he was in pain. He was experiencing severe chest and body pains of which he never got anything to alleviate the pain. He decided to consult other traditional healers and witch doctors but in his mind he could never think of anyone all over Zimbabwe who had the power to assist him because he felt he was the best (worst).

Finally the only person who came into his mind for his healing was one woman a traditional healer he used to work with in Guruve. Upon his arrival at the woman’s homestead he was ‘disappointed’ to find the woman having packed all her tools of traditional healing in preparation to bring them to PHD Ministries in order to surrender them to Jesus Christ after having visited PHD Ministries a few days back. The woman has since repented and she is the one who told him about PHD Ministries, she gave him the anointing oil which she advised him to administer for his healing.

She put a few drops in a cup of water and instructed Munyaradzi to pray and then take the water. He complied out of desperation as all he wanted was relief from the pain he was under. The day he administered the anointing oil wedged war between him and his brothers. Shockingly he had not told them that he had administered the anointing oil proving that the anointing oil had provoked the dark kingdom. He later decided to visit PHD Ministries as a guest and that was when he met with his healing.

As soon as the Servant of God Prophet W. Magaya laid hands upon him the evil spirit that was in him was provoked into manifestation and his deliverance marked an end to the pain he was in. He is now totally healed for the glory of God. He advised the world not to be fooled into losing their valuables in the name of exorcism as it is fake. He has since quit and is following Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

In conclusion to this testimony we know several people are having many questions in their minds. Some of them include:
*How many innocent village people were falsely accused of witchcraft and got deported from their villages?
*How many families ended up fighting amongst themselves because one of theirs had been ‘found’ with witchcraft tools and creatures?
*How many people lost their valuable belongings including herds of cattle or any domestic animals or even cash with the hope of having their homesteads cleansed?
*How much wealth was robbed by evil minded people like Munyaradzi and how much will continue to be lost to the existing evil minded people who are still scattered in various villages, cities and towns of Zimbabwe and other regional countries?

Our closing words of advice to you the reader of this testimony is that there is nothing good that comes from exorcists or Tsikamutandas – they are ALL fake and evil. They belong to the dark kingdom and there is no darkness which can cast out another form of darkness.

Pass this testimony and advice to your families, friends and neighbours by sharing it to help stop this evil practice.

We give all glory to God! Mbiri kuna Jesu!

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