Question and Answer Segment with Prophet W. Magaya

Instead of having the Word ministered by Prophet W. Magaya today he gave the congregants the opportunity to ask him questions. Below are some of the questions which were asked and got answered by the anointed man of God Prophet W. Magaya.

Qsn: I came for the night of turn around with my sister’s pictures who is suffering from advanced cervical cancer and you declared that even those who are home will be set free from any calamity. I would like to know if my sister was delivered whilst she was not here?
Ans: It all depends on your faith. If you believe and your faith is telling you that she will be healed she will definitely get her healing. As you are here you must be aware that you are an ambassador of your family and you will be representing the whole generation. Distance is definitely not a barrier and never limit God.

Qsn: What must come first giving your life to Jesus or deliverance?
Ans: You can be delivered and then give your life to Jesus or you can turn your life to Jesus then look for deliverance. Receiving Jesus Christ doesn’t mean demons can no longer attack you that is why deliverance is more important. Anyone can be possessed with an evil spirit.

Qsn: Is it possible to use anointing oil in our fields since we are in a farming season?
Ans: It is very important to anoint your fields because once you get your deliverance everything that belongs to you must also be delivered. The power in the anointing oil has no boundaries.
Question and Answer Segment with Prophet W. Magaya
Question and Answer Segment with Prophet W. Magaya
Qsn: What is a Sabbath day?
Ans: It is a day that you declare Holy for you. Jesus Christ came to set us free from the issues of religion and doctrines so you should not be found still holding to religion and all those doctrines. The Sabbath day represents the shadow of Jesus Christ and it was a day that Jesus Christ cleared off our lives through His death on the cross and resurrection after 3 days.

Qsn: Man of God should our enemies and those causing problems in our lives live or they should die since the bible says witches should not be allowed to live?
Ans: All evil things comes from the devil so the best way is to attack the devil that is behind that individual not to attack a person in physical.

Qsn: After getting our deliverance can we still submit to different totems (mitupo) like what we used to do before?
Ans: Totems (mitupo) should not be found on Christians as this attracts spirits behind those totems. You will attract those animal spirits and everything you do will be related to what those animals do.

Qns: Are we going to have booklets with instructions on how to use anointing oil?
Ans: These weekly booklets that we are publishing have got a section with the instructions and you have to do yourself a favor and grab one for yourself. In addition we are going to have those same booklets in Shona and Portuguese for the help of those who do not understand English.

Qsn: What should we do to a parent who openly tells you that he or she is the one causing all the problems that you are facing?
Ans: Keep on loving them. Your role as a child is to love them no matter what situation or condition you are in because of them. You should even support them financially despite all that.

Qsn: What should I do to my relatives in order for them to come to church?
Ans: Your testimony is the only thing that can bring your family to church.

Qsn: What does Yadah mean?
Ans: Yadah means Judah and Judah means Praise. It means worshiping and praising God with open hands. It is not an abbreviation but a word on its own.

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