She used to beat up her husband

Mai Makukutu has been married for the past 15 years with no peace at all. Her husband was not the problem but she confessed that she was the cause of it all. She used to beat her husband up and would insult him using vulgar language even in front of neighbours. Upon noticing that what was transpiring in her life was not normal she sought help from traditional healers but no solution came from there and she still continued being abusive. She was given various types of stones among a lot of other things which she would put under her pillow as “mantles” (miteuro) but nothing changed. She attended the Mutare crusade recently despite the fact that she had never been to PHD Ministries nor had she had an encounter with the Servant of God Prophet W.Magaya.
Hurukuro NaProphet Walter Magaya,
She used to beat up her husband
As the Servant of God Prophet W. Magaya was walking into the stadium and she was asking her neighbour if the man who was walking in was Prophet Magaya, before she could even complete her statement the evil spirit in her was provoked into manifestation. The evil spirit was commanded out of her in the name of Jesus Christ and she was declared free.

Her deliverance marked a turn-round in her marriage it has turned from bitter to sweet. She is no longer the violent woman she was and now treats her husband with the respect. Her husband’s sister expressed great joy in the transformation that has taken place after her deliverance. Our God is totally awesome in power and can turn any situation around.

What a Mighty God we serve!

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